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Toy Talk

From discussions on development to play tips, we’re covering how even the smallest moments of play can impact your child’s growth in big ways.

Behind the Design: An Insight into the Practical Portable Easel

In this edition of Behind the Design, we chatted to the talented Hape Design Team in Italy to ask a few questions about the marvel that is the Portable Easel...

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Behind the Design: Music Toys from Infancy to Preschool

In this feature, we're diving into the world of how toys are designed for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers through the eyes of 2 product developers. As experts in their fields,…

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The 2023 Hape Gift Guide: Toys Tailored to Their Personalities

Find the perfect gift for the little loved one in your life with our 2023 Gift Guide, where we’ve tailored our toy suggestions based on their personalities, interests and passions.

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Behind the Design: A Conversation with the Mind Behind Green Planet Explorers

In the first article of our Behind the Design series, we’re sitting down with Greta Giangrande, lead product designer and the mind behind the Green Planet Explorers line of sustainable…

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