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The Ultimate Bath Toy Buying Guide

03 July 2024

4 min.

As a parent, you know that bath time is as much about bonding with your baby or toddler as it is about getting squeaky clean. But did you know bath toys can be as educational as they are fun?

Read on for a deep dive into the developmental benefits of bath toys, top toy recommendations and care tips!


What’s the Deal with Bath Toys?

Bath time is a wonderful opportunity for your child to explore, learn, and bond with you. It also provides a much-needed break from the stresses and busy schedule of parenting, allowing you both to relax and enjoy quality time together. Adding tub toys to your child’s bathtime routine can make these moments of bonding and development even more special.

Here’s how bath toys can support their development:

  1. Sensory Exploration: Bath time introduces children to new and exciting sensory experiences. The feel of water, the sound of splashing, and the sight of floating toys all contribute to sensory development.
    Toys that utilise water play, like squirts and fountains, stimulate tactile experiences, making bath time both fun and educational.
  2. Motor Skill Development: Grasping, squeezing, and manipulating wet toys enhance fine motor skills. Bath toys that encourage these actions help strengthen little hand muscles to improve coordination and dexterity.
    While regular toys develop these mini motor muscles, mixing in water to create slippery surfaces adds a new difficulty level for little hands to master.
  3. Cognitive Growth: Watching how toys float or move in the water helps your child develop visual tracking and focus. Activities like pouring water into buckets or observing the effects of water flow teach basic concepts of cause and effect. These activities spark curiosity and support early learning concepts in a playful context.
  4. Emotional and Social Development: Bath toys often become characters in a child’s imaginative play. This type of role-playing can enhance emotional intelligence and social skills. Children create stories and scenarios with their bath toys, promoting creativity and the ability to understand different perspectives.

Our Top Bath Toy Recommendations

Looking for some ways to perk up your child’s bathtime routine? Here are some of our favourite bath toys for making the most of their time in the tub:  


For 0 Months

  • Bubbling the Whale: This cheerful whale blows bubbles when its spout is filled with bubble bath or liquid soap. It’s a delightful addition to bath time, adding a layer of sensory fun for your baby as they watch the bubbles float.


For 12 Months

  • Musical Whale Fountain: This mini musical fountain has 5 whales that can be played like a piano to create unique tunes in the tub. The water sprays different patterns for different songs, providing sensory entertainment and exploration. It features non-slip suction cups to keep it in place while your toddler develops their fine motor movements.


For 18 Months 

  • Rock Pool Squirters: These adorable sea creatures are perfect for little hands to squirt and play with, making bath time interactive and fun. They help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with an added layer of sensory fun.  
  • Bath Time Basketball Elephant Pal: For a bit of sporty fun, this elephant basketball hoop attaches to the bathroom wall with a suction cup. Children will enjoy throwing the 4 balls into the basket, developing their coordination and motor skills in the process. 


For 2 Years 

  • Multi-spout Sprayer: This versatile sprayer has 4 different nozzles for fun water effects, turning bath time into a playful learning experience. It encourages exploration and experimentation with water, supporting cognitive development and creativity.  
  • Tubing Pull-back Boat: Featuring a speedy little bear, this boat floats along the bathtub. By pulling the bear by the string, toddlers can watch it paddle back to its boat repeatedly, which is great for developing hand-eye coordination. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

We spoke to the head designer of our bath toys for some top cleaning and maintenance tips so you can keep them ready for action: 

Easy-Clean Design: We designed our bath toys to come apart easily to make cleaning and drying every little part a breeze.  This unique design feature lets you reach those tricky crevices where mould likes to hide. 

Different Materials, Different Methods: Depending on what they’re made of, some toys can be washed and dried, while others can be wiped down with a clean cloth.  

Regular Maintenance: Make sure to empty any water trapped inside the toys and let them dry completely. This stops mould from growing and keeps the toys safe to play with.  

Deep Cleaning: Occasionally, soak the toys in a vinegar and water mix to disinfect them. Use a toothbrush for hard-to-reach spots. 

Following these tips will keep your child’s bath toys in great shape, making bath time fun and safe!