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Behind the Design – Off Road Balance Bike

02 May 2024

4 min.

Welcome to our latest Behind the Design feature, where we discover the secrets of our Off Road Balance Bike. Designed to spark the imaginations of young adventurers, this bike combines thoughtful craftsmanship with the spirit of exploration.

Today, we're excited to share insights from Echo, one of the talented designers who brought this bike to life. Join us as we explore the story and inspiration behind the Off Road Balance Bike.


Hi Echo, thanks for joining us today, tell us, where did the inspiration for the design come from?

Echo: Thank you for the invitation! Initially, we took design inspiration from off-road motorcycles with their speed, agility and striking visuals. We also decided to incorporate metal as the main material and wood to ensure it still contains the Hape DNA.

Q: What were the key factors that you focused on when designing this ride-on?

E: Drawing inspiration from off-road motorcycles, our design includes a handle made with a cork grip that moulds to children’s hands for comfort. The steering limiter enhances safety by preventing sharp turns and protecting little riders during falls. Our no-puncture 12-inch rubber tyres eliminate the need for inflation and avoid punctures, ensuring carefree adventures. Plus, the rubber suspension has a height-adjustable design that grows with the child.

Q: What age is the Off Road Balance bike suited for and how does it cater to the developmental needs of children??

E: The Off Road Balance Bikes is well-suited for children aged between 3 and 6. This is because it caters to their developmental needs, and promotes physical activity and outdoor play whilst helping to build those all-important skills needed in future biking adventures. With no pedals, children learn to maintain balance using their feet, which helps develop their ability to Secondly, as children master the basics, they gain confidence in their riding skills and gradually take on more challenging terrains. Additionally, riding the bike aids in the development of motor skills. Children enhance their gross motor skills through steering and balancing, contributing to their overall physical development.

Q: How do ride-ons help build children’s confidence to progress to a bike?

E: The Hape ride-ons series, including balance bikes, are foundational to learning how to ride a real bike, bypassing the need for training wheels. These bikes allow children as young as 18 to 24 months to start with assistance, simulating real biking motions and adapting to various terrains like dirt and sand. This early exposure helps develop crucial balance skills and body awareness. As children gain confidence moving and balancing, the transition to pedal bikes becomes straightforward, often eliminating the need for training wheels.

Q: How do you consider sustainability in both design and production?

E: Sustainability is a core component in Hape throughout our design and production processes. Cork is a material harvested from the cork oak’s bark – they’re remarkable as they regenerate their bark naturally making it a sustainable and biodegradable choice. Additionally, plywood production is notably efficient, utilising a higher percentage of every log and significantly reducing wood waste.

Q: How does the Off Road Balance Bike encourage outdoor play and exploration, and why is that important for children?

E: This bike is perfect for rugged terrains and enhances outdoor play, promoting both physical and mental well-being in children. Riding outdoors helps children release mental stress, fostering peace and happiness, making it an excellent choice for children’s developmental needs as they explore and grow.

To conclude…

From our conversation, it’s clear that every aspect of this bike has been crafted with both care and creativity, driven by a passion for sustainable design and a commitment to nurturing the developmental needs of children. By blending the thrill of off-road motorcycle aesthetics with the practicalities of child-friendly features, this bike not only promises fun and adventure but also fosters essential skills from an early age. Whether it’s enhancing physical coordination, boosting confidence, or promoting mental well-being, the Off Road Balance Bike is more than just a toy—it’s a companion for growth.