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Play & Progress​

From discussions on development to play tips, we’re covering how even the smallest moments of play can impact your child’s growth in big ways.

The Sneaky Science of Outdoor Play

The joy of outdoor play is a universal part of growing up. Thinking back to your own childhood outdoors, do you remember how free you felt playing games of tag…

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Strengthening Sibling Ties through Play

World Sibling Day is the perfect time to celebrate the complexity of sibling relationships. Yes, they're about special connections, but let's be honest, they also include their fair share of…

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Creativity and Cognition: How Creative Play Helps Children Learn and Grow

When you were little, did you enjoy playing pretend? Maybe you imagined yourself as a superhero, a princess, or a pirate. Maybe you built forts, castles, or spaceships. Whatever you…

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Unlock their Potential: Promoting Problem-Solving Skills in Early Childhood with Puzzles

Puzzles are a staple in children’s toys, besides being incredibly fun, they’re key when it comes to promoting problem-solving skills.

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The Art of Growth: How Creative Free Drawing Shapes Young Minds

Have you ever watched a child lost in the world of their own drawings? It's a sight where pure imagination takes flight. The journey through free drawing is a fascinating…

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Building Bonds and Brains: The Power of Playing with Friends

Playtime never seems to be the same; children become lost in their own imaginative worlds, creating tales and building adventures, whether they're alone or with their peers.

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Colour Curiosity: The Power of Colours in Child Development

Whether they’re bright and beautiful or subtle and muted, colours have a profound impact on our emotions, learning processes and creativity. Colours send unique signals to our brains and can…

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