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The 2023 Hape Gift Guide: Toys Tailored to Their Personalities

14 November 2023

4 min.

Find the perfect gift for the little loved one in your life with our 2023 Gift Guide, where we’ve tailored our toy suggestions based on their personalities, interests and passions.

Gift-giving can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to our children. But what if you could choose based on their blossoming interests? We've curated a guide based on interests that ensures playtime is always a moment of learning and bonding. Let's dive in!


For the Little Transport Enthusiast: Railway

Does your child’s face light up at the sight and sound of trains? Indulge their curiosity with our Railway sets. Dive into a world of transportation magic, creating winding tracks that crisscross imaginary cities and rural landscapes.
Play Tip: 
Dedicate a cosy afternoon to track-building, letting your child take the lead. As they piece together their railway universe, challenge them weekly to innovate and design unique routes. This not only sparks their creativity but also sharpens their problem-solving prowess, making every playtime a learning journey.

For the Logic Lover: Quadrilla

Logic games aren’t just mind-benders; they’re fun-packed challenges! Quadrilla Marble Runs are perfect for those young thinkers who love a good puzzle.
Play Tip:  
Bring out the marbles and channels, and construct runs that twist and turn. Engage in friendly competitions to see whose marble makes it to the end first. It’s not just about the race; it’s a brain-boosting exercise wrapped in layers of fun and creative thinking.

For the Brainy Bunch: Puzzles for All Ages

Whether your child is taking delight in grasping and picking up puzzle pieces or exploring our advanced sets to learn about our planet, puzzles serve as a wonderful way to engage both mind and motor skills.
Play Tip:
Let younger ones feel the texture and shape of each piece, promoting sensory and motor development. For older children, engage in discussions about the themes and images they piece together, enhancing their knowledge and cognitive skills.

For the Budding Musician: Music

Every child has a song in their heart, waiting to be expressed. If your child taps their feet to every beat, our music toys set their stage. Plus, the joy of music isn’t limited to age; even the tiniest hands can create melodies, so let your baby feel the rhythm.
Play Tip: 
Why wait for a special occasion? Transform any day into a musical fiesta. Create a weekly tradition where you and your child explore instruments, rhythms, and melodies. Play, sing, dance, and let the music flow!

For the Nature Lover: Green Planet Explorers

Nature is a treasure trove of wonders and, for the child drawn to its mysteries, our Green Planet Explorers range is the key.
Play Tip: 
Make every play session an exploration. At the end of each adventure, take your child on a mini nature trip, even if it’s just to your garden or balcony. It’s an opportunity for them to connect the dots between their toy world and Mother Nature’s wonders.

For the Tiny Speedster: Ride-Ons

Vroom, vroom! Every little racer deserves a ride that matches their zest. Our Ride-Ons are designed for those who love the thrill of speed.
Play Tip: 
Organise races but with a twist! Set up mini obstacles in your living room or garden, turning it into a playful racetrack. As your child zooms and swerves, they’re not just having fun – they’re mastering coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. Ready, set, play!

The Gift of Being Together

Remember, the best part about these toys isn’t just the play, but the moments they create. It’s the laughter shared, the lessons learned, and the memories formed. So, this gifting season, choose a toy that aligns with their interests and spend more time playing together, creating those special moments that matter. Happy Gifting!  

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