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How Bamboo Toys Are Shaping the Future of Play

09 May 2024

4 min.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” - Unknown Author

As our world grows more environmentally conscious, every choice we make matters -right down to the toys we give our children. Eco-friendly toys are becoming essential for parents who want to nurture their children’s well-being while caring for our planet.


One way that toys are going green is by using bamboo – one of the world’s most sustainable resources. Its rapid growth, natural regeneration, and carbon absorption makes it an environment-friendly alternative to traditional materials.
Hape is proud to be a part of this movement, crafting toys that care for our earth and enrich children’s lives.
Did you know that we have our very own bamboo factory to develop bamboo toys? Located in Ningbo, southeast China, 16 acres of our bamboo forest are in a local village, and 50 more are rented out to support production.

Why Bamboo?

One of the reasons that bamboo has appeared as a popular material in eco-friendly production is its versatility. Bamboo can be transformed into nearly anything and here are some of the reasons why it is the future:

Lasts a lifetime
Bamboo is superior to traditional toy materials such as wood or plastic in terms of durability. Bamboo toys are exceptionally long lasting, allowing them to be treasured and handed down through generations without obvious wear and tear.

Bamboo stands out as an eco-conscious material for toys because it is naturally pest-resistant and grows without the need for harmful chemicals. It requires significantly less water than plants like cotton and enhances air quality by absorbing more carbon dioxide and releasing more oxygen than other plants.

Biodegradable Benefits
At the end of its life, a bamboo toy can be composted, offering an environmentally sensitive disposal option. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, ensuring that when a toy is no longer needed, it returns to the earth with minimal environmental impact.

Super Sustainability
Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet with some species capable of growing 4cm an hour! When harvested the root system remains undisturbed, and a plant can replenish itself within a year.

It’s clear to see why bamboo is our top choice when it comes to toys as it’s truly one incredible plant. Embracing these natural benefits, Here are our top bamboo-based toys that embody sustainability while offering endless hours of fun and learning.

E3413 - Panda's Bamboo House

Crafted from bamboo, the toys in our Green Planet Explorers range bring together durability and sustainability. Bamboo’s natural strength ensures these toys can withstand countless hours of play while maintaining environmental integrity. Our bamboo, combined with a special plant-based plastic, not only supports the planet but also enriches the play experience with a variety of accessories and interactive features.

E2009 - Portable Bamboo Easel

This easel, crafted from lightweight bamboo, embodies practicality and durability, allowing young artists to easily carry it wherever inspiration may lead. The adjustable legs ensure that children of any age or height can comfortably engage in painting and drawing, truly making it a canvas for creativity nurtured by the natural strength and versatility of bamboo.

E5570 – Nature Detective Set

The Hape Nature Detective set features tools made from bamboo, enhancing their eco-friendliness and durability. Included in the set are a 4x magnifying glass for detailed observations and a two-tone whistle, perfect for outdoor adventures. These bamboo-based instruments encourage young explorers to discover the natural world around them.


Choosing eco-friendly toys made from bamboo is not just a purchase – it’s a commitment to a greener future and a testament to the care you have for your child’s world. Bamboo toys, known for their durability and biodegradability, offer a sustainable alternative that’s kinder to the environment while providing endless hours of safe and educational fun. By opting for bamboo, you’re selecting toys that care for the planet as much as they do for your child’s growth and happiness.