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Guides for Grownups​

Browse our handy guides and informative articles focused on helping you navigate the ups and downs of parenthood. No judgement here, we promise!

Routine Disruption: Supporting Children During the Holiday Hustle

With the promise of days off from school and work – and plenty of playtime – the festive season is a magical time of joy and celebration for most children,…

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12 Days of Family Activities: Fostering Moments That Matter

The approaching holidays welcome a season of joy, giving and, most importantly, togetherness. At Hape, we believe that it's the moments spent with loved ones that truly make the season…

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10 Screen-Free Family Activities to Welcome Winter

We’ve curated 10 enriching and entertaining activities to help you step away from the screens and spend meaningful time together this winter season.

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Parenting in Tune: Music’s Role in Baby Bonding and Soothing

Navigating through piles of parenting books, forums and advice from well-meaning friends doesn't always equip us for those moments when our baby cries, and we're left guessing: Hunger? Fatigue? Maybe…

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