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Gift-Wrapping 101: Eco-Friendly and Artistic Gift-Wrapping Ideas

18 December 2023

4 min.

Gift-giving is a cherished tradition in many cultures. It’s a gesture of love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness. But before the recipient sees the gift, they see the wrapping.

To showcase the intimate connection between the gift giver, the recipient, and the entire process of gifting, read on and discover how to take part in handmade gift wrapping.


Materials to Get Started

Most of the items you’ll need can be found around the house. To create the perfect wrap, gather any materials that you find charming and environmentally friendly, and if you’re struggling to choose, we’ve picked some out for you:

1. Newspapers & Magazines: A sustainable choice, these can be jazzed up with some colourful ribbons or twine.
2. Fabric Scraps & Cloths: Old scarves, tea towels, or any fabric can be turned into unique gift wraps. Think of patterns or colours that the recipient might love and can reuse.
3. Brown Paper: A classic choice, it provides a blank canvas to unleash your creativity. Its neutral tone offers a perfect backdrop for further embellishments.
4. Stamps & Inks: For those who wish to personalise their wrapping paper even more.

5. Maps & Sheet Music: They not only look great but tell a story. Imagine wrapping a gift with a map of a place you both love!
6. Children’s Artwork: If the gift is for relatives, why not get your child(ren) to draw up some patterns and use that as the base for wrapping your gifts? Just make sure to ask them for permission first before you start cutting up their fine artwork.

Techniques to Try

For these unique wrapping techniques, you won’t have to look further than your own home. Discover the art of gift-wrapping with materials that not only exude charm but are also kind to our planet. If you’re wondering where to start, we’ve curated a list of techniques and the materials you’d typically need for each:

1. Potato Stamping: Delve into your kitchen and pick out a few potatoes. Carve out designs on their flat surfaces to create your own unique stamps. All you’ll need next are some eco-friendly paints and your creativity.
2. Fabric Wraps: Rummage through your linen closet for scarves, old shirts, or any fabric that sparks joy. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese art of Furoshiki, these cloths can become beautiful, reusable wraps for your gifts.
3. Twine and Bead Embellishments: Combine the rustic charm of twine with colourful beads. Raid your craft drawer or old jewellery box for beads and thread to enhance your wraps.
4. Hand-painted Tags: Scour your art supplies and paint your tags. Whether you have watercolours, sketches, or crayons, these personalised tags will add a personal touch to your gifts.
5. Photographic Memories: With some old photographs and a bit of glue, you can make your gift wrap a walk down memory lane.
6. Repurposed Trinkets: Search through your keepsakes and consider attaching small trinkets like charms, buttons, or old postcards to your gift wraps, which add sentimental value.

A Greener Gift Wrap

Hape always stands by eco-friendly choices. So, opt for biodegradable tapes, avoid single-use plastics, and remember that sometimes the most sustainable choice is repurposing materials you already have. You’re not just making a personal choice but an environmentally conscious one and every eco-friendly choice is a gift to our planet.

To Wrap Up...

Handmade gift wrapping doesn’t just wrap a gift, it shows love, effort, and thoughtfulness. This festive season, let your loved ones unwrap the joy of both the gift and the gesture. Remember, it’s not just the gift but how you present it that counts. Happy wrapping from all of us at Hape!