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13 Août 2022

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The importance of colors for children development 

Colors are everywhere and we all love them.  Do you know that colors can affect human beings in various way as creativity, productivity learning and emotions?  Children can be more sensitive to colors, affecting their reaction to the environment. Not only colors send signals to the brain to make them (and us) hungry or calm or anxious, but they also have…

Parenting Tips

How to deal with child’s frustration 

Most children have occasional tantrums. They may sometimes lash out if they are frustrated for something they don’t want to do, or if something annoying happened during their day. Most parents are astounded about tantrums and angry behaviour, and more than a few wonders whether…

Parenting Tips


Create a healthy relationship with food through play activities Everything that is part of the daily routine takes on great importance in the life of children. Thus food, which returns in various forms from breakfast to dinner, soon becomes a revealing element of our psycho-physical…