Passengers aged 18 months and over, all in the carriage!

The endless love between children and toy trains can take different forms over time. That is why Hape’s Railway line includes an ever-expanding collection of toy trains designed for children of all ages (18+ months). As your children grow up and develop new and more refined skills, their curiosity and learning desire lead them to look for different stimuli, even in playtime.

But this does not necessarily mean they have to change their likings: some toys can grow as they do. Think of what happens in drawing: at first, children enjoy seeing what happens by rubbing crayons and colours on a sheet. They begin their artistic adventure by creating large chromatic spots and have very generic and approximate ideas of representation.

Then, as time passes and they get used to holding crayons in their hands, they pay more and more attention to details. They start drawing characters with eyes, mouths, hair, clothes and place them within coherent scenarios. The most passionate about drawing, over time, enjoy experimenting with various types of colours and painting techniques, developing sketching styles that change with them. The same can happen with our children’s other passions.

Sometimes, they enjoy the same kind of toys for years but start looking for more advanced features and more realistic styles. Dolls, puzzles, or trains get enriched with new surprising details to admire, just like in the Hape Train Collection, developed to meet the needs and tastes of children of different ages. You can choose from a wide range of models that offer stimulations and functionalities designed to involve the very young and the older ones.

So, join us on a magical journey and let’s discover the Hape train collection: passengers aged 18 months and over, hop in the railcar!

Simples sounds, colours and shapes: trains for toddlers

Chubby pieces, rounded shapes, simple colours, stimuli that are easy to grasp and immediate to decode. The toy trains offer real fun to children aged 18 months and over. At this stage of their development, children love to repeat the same actions, over and over, to develop autonomy in easy tasks.

They enjoy using all their senses to explore the world: touching and moving objects is a simple but rewarding activity that teaches them a lot. Toys with rounded shapes, pleasant textures, and varied surfaces are a joy to explore for your toddler. Taking a closer look at the Hape trains, you will discover protrusions and recesses, knurling, and many details in relief. Why? Precisely to give your toddler’s fingers something interesting to read. 

Whistling Parrot Engine: part train, part bird

The Whistling Parrot Engine stands out in the toy train collection due to its cute appearance. The convoy looks like a red-headed bird with a green body and yellow beak running on blue wheels.

A real character more than an object: this toy facilitates the identification process and stimulates empathy in the child. It will be love at first sight: your child will be looking forward to many adventures with this cute friend on wheels.

In addition to empathy, the Whistling Parrot Engine engages the senses: first of all, the sight, with its lively combination of easily recognizable primary colours. Then the touch, with its smooth surface and the details in relief, all to explore with the fingertips. And, finally, the hearing: the train-bird is equipped with a whistle to announce its arrival and warn passengers to get ready to hop in!

Brave Little Engine: their first motor train

Even the most traditional design can offer so many emotions! The Brave Little Engine looks like a simple locomotive. Colourful, of course. With rounded and captivating shapes. With many small details taken care of to offer tactile and visual stimuli to your children. And as safe, environmental-friendly, robust, and durable as any Hape toy.

But there is more: this train comes with a powerful engine that helps it effortlessly climb hills and steepest ramps. The on/off button on the top enables the switching between different modes. If you push the button, the train walks by itself. You press it again, the train stops (but it is always possible to move it along using fingertips). What about introducing the fundamentals of cause and effect? It is amazing how a little toy can contain so much fun and wisdom!

Young train enthusiasts grow up…

Sometimes, it happens suddenly: one day, your little one comes home and tells you that grandpa took them to the station to see the trains coming and leaving. Maybe they start listing words you did not think they could even pronounce: locomotive, engine, fuel, power, driver… And that is how you realize it is time to revamp their toy train collection!

But don’t worry – Hape has thought about passionate and demanding budding engineers looking for the most realistic and detailed play experiences. As their psychomotor skills improve and their hunger for knowledge intensifies, children’s passions tend to focus on specific topics. And, about these, they seem to know as much and more than you do. If this is the case at your place, you might want to know more about toy trains dedicated to children aged 3 and up.

Intercity Train: realistic, aerodinamic, irresistible

The Intercity Express Train is a realistic miniature of the trains that your child can admire in your city station. The streamlined locomotive pulls two carriages that connect intuitively via magnets. Minimalist, elegant, and modern with its white and blue wagons, the Intercity Train does not disdain a good level of detail: please, appreciate the carriage number, the windows, and the Hape logo that decorates each railcar. And, for an even more engaging gaming experience, the toy train comes with two characters.

Your child can have fun imagining taking the train as a passenger or driving it. The train conductor wears his elegant uniform and has a paddle to signal the green light and direct the railway traffic. The passenger, on the other hand, brings with him a hand suitcase for the trip. Both characters can travel on the train: open the railcar roof and make them sit at their places. While doing that, your children will profit from all the benefits of pretend play and role-playing dynamics. So, are you ready to go? Everyone on board!

Battery Powered Engine No 1: vintage charm, modern functionalities

Ah, the charm of yesteryear trains, when enjoying the journey was even more important than arriving at your destination. If you want your kids to have this kind of experience, choose Hape’s Battery Powered Engine No.1. This battery-powered toy locomotive, which stands out with its bold and vibrant red bodywork, will charm you with its vintage but current style.

The toy train moves back and forth: just press a button to reverse the travel direction. Suitable for any wooden track and compatible with all Hape trains, the locomotive can pull railcars, even uphill. The movement is constant and silent, so children can play at any time and in any situation without disturbing the activities around them. In addition, the small retro-style locomotive can illuminate the route with its light so passengers can travel safely at all times and in all weather conditions. Changing the battery is easy, thanks to practical housing.

Propeller Engine: part train, part plane

From vintage to futuristic: Hape’s Propeller Engine combines the characteristics of two powerful means of transport. Have you ever wondered what happens if we combine the wheels of a train with the propeller of an airplane? We get an innovative toy for a never-before-seen playing experience!

The locomotive’s propeller, powered by two AAA batteries, allows for both forward and backward movement. The level of detail will leave even the most demanding and experienced train enthusiast in awe. And, for an even more realistic experience, the Propeller Engine train has three buttons at the top: just press them to hear the sounds of a real steam train!

Crank-Powered Train: the future is green

If your child is passionate about renewable and sustainable energy, this Crank-Powered Train is a perfect gift. It will help them understand how we can generate and store clean energy. Just turn the crank on the top and get ready to see this bright red little train move.

The yellow button, coordinated with the decorations on the sides, allows you to reverse the route or stop. Plus, the headlights work for real. Like all Hape trains, the Crank Train is compatible with the other models. Connect it to other wagons and enjoy moving them along the tracks of many exciting adventures.

Explore all the possible movements with the Cogwheel Train

A wealth of detail, a refined combination of colours and unprecedented functionality for this Cogwheel Train. Exploring movement has never been so fun. You will notice it from your children’s incredulous expressions when the train moves along the tracks, the cogwheels rotate on the wagon.

And to make the gaming experience even more dynamic and unpredictable, we have thought of the possibility of removing the load. Replace the sprockets with other loads, connect them to other wagons or let it travel unloaded to reach higher speeds. As always, Hape toys offer many different uses to better suit your children’s style, taste and needs.

Race Car Transporter: gritty, sporty, unstoppable

And, speaking of diversifying the load, here is the Race Car Transporter: this model will conquer the kids most passionate about speed, racing, and engines. This toy train consists of a tractor and two transporter trolleys with loading ramps. The ramps recline and lift to make it easier to load the cars.

Detailed and realistic, the Race Car Transporter includes a red and a blue racing car to play with, plus the train driver. Just open the sliding roof to place the character inside the convoy or remove it. So, are you ready for a breathtaking car race? Then load the cars onto the transporter and go on a journey with your imagination!