Kids, don’t play with fire. Play with the firefighters!

Fire! Fire! Quick, call the fire brigade! The sirens announce the emergency, and the brave firefighters immediately rush down the pole and hurry in their red truck. Don’t worry: with fire extinguishers, hydrants, ladders, harpoons, and the rest of their gear, our heroic friends know how to keep the situation under control. 

If necessary, they can count on the helicopter’s air support and even on the four-legged mascot that never leaves them. How exciting and adventurous is the life of a firefighter? Find out with the City Fire Station, an amazing playset to experience many fun adventures, alone or with friends. This toy encourages sharing and teaches children that there is always a way to solve problems and keep the city safe. 

Do you know why the firefighters’ colour is red? 

Did you know that red is the universal colour of firefighters? If we see a big red truck whizzing by with blaring sirens and carrying a group of men in uniform, we know there is a fire somewhere. All over the world, the fire truck is red. But have you ever wondered why? There are several theories about it.   

  •    Some argue that the first fire brigades, at the beginning of 1800, did not have many resources to invest in equipment – let alone in aesthetics. According to this hypothesis, trucks and fire stations are red because it was the cheapest paint. 
  •    Others believe that the choice of red depended on visibility. It would have been impossible not to notice a big truck of such an unusual and eye-catching colour, especially in an age when most vehicles were black.  
  •    Finally, there is a psychological theory: the choice of red would depend on its unconscious association with danger and urgency.

We cannot know who is 100% right, but these theories are not mutually exclusive – what if there was some truth to each? 

An all-red fire station with a truck and a helicopter    

Regardless of the most credible historical reason, if we see a red building towering over the town, we associate it with the local fire department. In their honour, we created this one-of-a-kind toy that features real sounds and lights. A fun and realistic scenario, the City Fire Station offers hours of wholesome roleplay.  

Children aged 3 and up can enjoy playing alone, with friends, or siblings. With its vivid details, bright colours, and countless inspirations, it will win over even the older ones. Don’t you believe it? Press the siren button and get ready to be amazed by special effects: the blue and red lights start flashing while the siren sounds the alarm, adding a touch of realism and excitement to the game. 

The fire brigade headquarters: three floors to explore   

Comfortable, efficient, and equipped with everything you need: the City Fire Station is where our firefighter heroes can recharge themselves and get prepared. Its carefully finished-wooden structure consists of two levels plus a habitable (or rather, playable) roof. One side is open and fully accessible to children’s hands. 

Let’s explore it starting from the ground floor, where we find the office with the switchboard for help requests, city maps, computers, and archives to coordinate interventions. Next to it is the garage with the flaming-red truck, the first of the two rescue vehicles included in the package. Are you ready to be amazed? Then pull the side lanyard – the floor ramp rises, pushing the truck out and automatically opening the garage. That is what we call a dramatic exit! 

Upstairs, we find the recreation and training area. A pool table and a basketball court provide excellent opportunities for quality leisure time. And in case of emergency? As soon as the siren goes off (only press the button to turn it on and off on command), our heroes are ready for action. Hook the fireman’s hands to the knobs and watch him descend by himself, screwing around the pole. This toy has yet another surprise in store: we certainly cannot forget the air support! A helicopter is waiting for us on the roof, always ready to go for even faster interventions. The satellite antenna and the fire brigade flag add final touches of class. 

The City Fire Station is multiple toys in one  

The first thing that strikes you when looking at the Fire Station is the structure as a whole. Impossible not to appreciate the robust and spacious wooden construction, rich in details and finished with bright and non-toxic colours. But if you take the time to dwell on all the elements, you will realize that it is actually multiple toys in one. The size and variety of the activities allow different children to share the game without arguing.  

Since there are several rooms, two or more children can play together without bothering each other. Plus, the toy features two vehicles for extra fun – the helicopter and fire truck. It won’t take long for your kids to realize that playing together is even more fun: you sound the siren and open the tailgate, I make the fireman get off the pole and start the engine! 

Fire Brigade vehicles: helicopter and truck  

Firefighters, communicate your position. The truck is on its way to the fire site. Do you have air support? The helicopter is scanning the area from above: all clear. The truck and the helicopter are two fun additions your kids will love – these toys inside the toy are feature-rich and beautifully detailed.  

  • With its sturdy construction, the red fire truck can ensure your kids many hours of carefree play! The wheels turn for real, and the ladder goes up and down for interventions at any height. Is there a kitten trapped in a tree? Here we come!
  • Red is also the colour of the helicopter with rotating blades: push them with your finger and watch them spin. Put the character in the driver’s seat and get ready for many fantastic adventures.

And let’s not forget about the characters. First of all, the fully equipped fireman in uniform with folding limbs to sit in the truck or helicopter. The gripping hands allow him to grab the spray gun, ladder handrail, and rod hooks for a smooth descent. To complete the set, the trusty Dalmatian dog, a nice mascot and a faithful helper. All these toys-in-one make sharing more fun, so the children can play together, involving even the younger siblings or cousins.