Puzzles offer a fascinating challenge involving the intellectual and motor skills of children. Our line presents six different levels, which, each one faces a different phase of growth. In puzzles for the little ones, you will find a some large and sturdy pieces, easy to handle and with rounded edges. For an extra level of involvement, you can choose multisensory puzzles that allow for the exploration of different tactile textures and sound effects.

To win over preschool children, we wanted to offer more complex challenges and stimuli. The 4y + puzzles include more advanced and surprising proposals. In fact, from the age of four, children begin to develop more sophisticated problem-solving skills and a more articulated understanding of the world. At this age, puzzles with slightly smaller, more numerous, and detailed pieces become interesting. But we wanted to add special effects to get the kids excited.

Animated City Puzzle offers double, even triple fun:

  • First, the challenge of putting together a large image made up of different parts.
  • Then, the exploration of all the details and characters that make up the city landscape.
  • Finally, the surprise: when you pass the special viewer on the surface, drawings will appear that will begin to move under the amazed eyes of your children.

Animated City Puzzle – We will amaze you with special effects!

Why settle for a two-dimensional puzzle when you can add a third dimension and even a third level of fun? The animated city puzzle consists of 49 medium to large sized pieces that are easy to fit together. Once recreated the detailed cityscape, swipe the included lens over the surface: you will begin discovering a small hidden world. The magic card viewer reveals what happens inside the buildings, creating special animated effects.

A bit like in pop-up books, where the drawings come off the pages, Animated City Puzzle stimulates the children’s taste for surprise and the unexpected. Also, in most puzzles, the fun ends when all the pieces of the image are back in place. Here, however, putting the pieces together is only the first phase of the game. In fact, finding the right pieces and fitting them together is a fun and relaxing pastime, but in our opinion, puzzles can offer much more to our children. Our puzzles are a multi-activity game with which to play for a long time: many different stimuli keep the interest of children alive, accompanying them in the different stages of growth.

A town full of activities, characters and details to explore

As its name suggests, the Animated City Puzzle is full of animation, starting from the street travelled by all kinds of people, to playground and the construction site. In addition, there is a shopping mall, a museum, a restaurant, a fire station, a train station, and even a cruise ship near the city pier. Children can get lost for hours observing the details of the image, dreaming of stories, understanding relationships, and attributing meanings to
what they see.

This type of activity improves the specific knowledge on a subject – in this case the city – as recommended by the Montessori method. Puzzles dedicated to a specific theme do help children to reflect on certain activities, increasing their sectoral knowledge. Breaking down the world’s complexity into small and simple parts allows them to assimilate its different aspects in a gentle and gradual way.

Parents can sit by their children, asking to tell them what is happening and what the various characters are doing, but they can leave the kids play alone as well. Puzzles are safe, self-contained activities, which allow children to immediately understand if they are doing right or wrong. Thus they also learn to feel smarter and more confident.

The thrill of identifying and interpreting images

With its super detailed design, the Animated City Puzzle entertains children by offering many rewards: in the early stages of life, deciphering all the implications and meanings of the images strengthens the understanding of the world of the little ones and makes them feel safer. We could compare the satisfaction they experience when they identify an object, building or character to what we adults feel when identifying a quote from a book or film.

Animated City Puzzle allows children to practice and expand their mastery of the things in life, alone or with an adult who prompts them with questions and explanations. What are people doing inside the mall? And why do they go to the station? What happens

Also, to make this game truly unique in the world of puzzles, we have added the extra dimension of hidden activities and magical animated effects. Animated City Puzzle brings a new dimension to traditional puzzles, introducing children to the world of optical effects. With its many activities, characters and animals moving on land, in water and in the sky, the animated puzzle will blow your kids’ minds by offering them hours and hours of healthy and creative fun. Start moving your camera viewer over the cityscape and let the fun begin!
on the various floors of the restaurant? And in the fire station? Each scene within the big picture gives rise to a story within other stories: you will be amazed by the plots your children will be able to invent.