Do you want to come and play at my house?  

How do you imagine your dream house? Would you like it to be spacious, welcoming, colourful, and friendly to the environment? Then take a look at the All Season House that comfortably accommodates the whole family – including grandparents and pets. This lively and resistant doll’s house will win you over at first glance with its six rooms of different colours and the three floors connected by stairs and a pulley. But it’s the minutiae that will blow your mind out!  The attention to detail is so thorough that we challenge you to hold back your enthusiasm. Have fun exploring the various rooms: you will find mirrors, towels, and ducks in the bathroom; appliances and dishes in the kitchen; plants, lamps, and chairs, plus a fireplace in the living room and solar panels on the roof (reversible, to change according to the season). What else could you want? 

Let’s find out all about this fabulous but realistic dollhouse! 

A dollhouse to play at all seasons 

Whether there is snow on the roof or flowers on the lawn, Hape All Season House is the perfect setting to experience endless play adventures with your favourite characters. “One morning, the kids were making breakfast to surprise Mom, but they were out of milk. So, Dad sneaked out to buy it while grandma created a diversion”… There are endless possible adventures to live: as they say, the only limit is your imagination! Everything in the All Seasons House offers maximum freedom of play and interpretation. Each child can choose which roles to play and have fun moving the furniture. Plus, you can customize the dollhouse and extend the play experience with compatible furniture sets. 

Customize your game experience (starting from the characters)  

Lots of freedom to play: the All Seasons Dollhouse allows to experiment, change and make decisions for a unique play experience. Instead of a one-size-fits-all set, we thought it was much more fun to choose both the characters and the style of the house. Each child can pick their favourite among three happy families: Caucasian, Oriental, or African-American. The look of each character reflects their cultural and generational belonging, from hair to clothing.  

The dolls catch the eye with brightly coloured clothing and stimulate identification with their serene, reassuring expressions. Grandpa and Grandma, Mom and Dad, Brother and Sister are mainly made of wood and textile fibres (wool and cotton), with a wire core to assume different positions. The puppets can sit down, move their arms and grab objects thanks to their gripping hands. 

In addition to playing different roles, children can also play interior decorators by moving and changing furniture. How? With the basic furniture sold with the house or by purchasing the extra accessories of the compatible sets. The possibility of customization, the richness of the details, the realism and the originality make this toy truly outstanding.   

A wonderful wooden toy house: 6 rooms on 3 floors 

To present this toy, we cannot but focus on its incredible richness of details, all realistic and original. However, before getting into the little things, it is best to start with a general overview. The wooden structure makes the building beautiful and durable. The three floors, divided into six large rooms, are connected by convenient stairs and a fun pulley.  

We can imagine each room as a theatre stage or a sitcom set: the open structure on three sides allows to move furniture and characters. Also, each room has a different-colour backdrop with delightful decorations and windows. Last but not least, the reversible roof with solar panels: details like these help us raise children aware of the importance of clean energy from sustainable sources.  

It is no coincidence that this dollhouse takes its name from the seasons. And what makes spring, summer, autumn, and winter alternate? The movement of the Earth around the sun, of course. We equipped the house with a double-sided roof to connect play and external reality. In Spring and Summer, you can choose the green side, decorated with pretty climbing leaves. In Winter, switch to the white side and enjoy the scent of Christmas! Finally, in the upper part, you find two handles to move the toy effortlessly. 

All Season House: the perfect setting for a role-playing 

After the external overview, now is time to focus on the interiors. Let’s start from the ground floor: surrounded by lush trees and a garden with enough space for the pets’ kennels, you find the green entrance door. Please, take a seat in the living room and warm up a little in the pleasant warmth of the fireplace. Would you like a glass of water? Follow me into the kitchen and take the time to look at the furniture and appliances.  

But now let’s go upstairs: I want to show you the terrace. On the first floor, we have a large bedroom and a fully equipped bathroom. In addition to the bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet, there are also a mirror, ducks, and towels. What about the details, huh? Finally, on the third and top floor, we find two customizable attic rooms. The standard equipment includes a TV set plus a series of lighting accessories and decorations. But you can turn these quarters into extra bedrooms: a nursery with cradle, stroller, changing table, and carpet, plus a kids’ room with bunk bed, a rocking horse, and a toy reminiscent of our Four-Stage Rocketship.   

Let’s roll with role-play in the dollhouse!  

When living with children, it is not rare to catch fanciful speeches coming from their playroom. Approaching the door without making a noise, you will be able to hear them tell tales of dragons and princesses, fairies, and unicorns. Or maybe they will stage episodes from their daily life, assuming the role of the mom, the teacher, or their friends. Role-playing is very important to children’s development, and toys like the All Seasons House help you foster it. 

Role-playing in dollhouses: some benefits     

The All Season House is the ideal setting to invent and stage many stories. We talked about How important is role-play in children’s development in several articles. Role-play is a highly educational and fun activity that children play spontaneously, alone, or with peers. First of all, it stimulates creativity development, problem-solving skills and empathy. 

  • To invent many funny and exciting stories, you need creativity, memory, and imagination. In the role-playing game, children can imagine new stories to bring the characters to life. But they can also resume the plots of their favourite books, cartoons, films, or rework events experienced in everyday life.
  •    The ability to solve problems comes into play when characters face unexpected situations. When playing, children can experience (or relive) critical moments in a protected environment. This activity also provides an emotional outlet: through role-play, they can reenact disagreements, rebukes, or upsetting events. Thus, they can express their mood and find different outcomes to the complications of their life. 
  •    Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others, understanding their moods and the reactions to your actions or words. How does mom feel when I hug her? Why does dad get mad when I leave toys all over the place? By understanding others better, children will be kinder and more attentive – skills that could make the world a better place for everyone.