As parents, we are always looking for fun, safe and stimulating activities for our children. Often, choosing a new toy leads us to weigh alternatives, make different evaluations, ask ourselves many questions. Will that particular product please our children? Will it strike their imagination, meet their expectations, make them discover new things? But above all, will it be able to offer different stimuli over time, entertaining our kids for a long time? Will it end up boring them after a while, or will it evolve as the kids grow up?


The multi-activity cubes designed by Hape® are perfect for those educators and parents who are not satisfied with unchanged and repetitive games, whose potential for involvement runs out quickly. These toys, designed to encourage the discovery and development of pre-school skills, stimulate imagination and concentration on various levels. Five playing surfaces, many colors, and constant challenges for the little ones, thanks to ways of use designed to stimulate hand-eye coordination, manipulation skills, and fine motor skills.

In 2020, the HAPE® catalog welcomes the Light-Up Circus Activity Cube, the latest novelty in the educational line. Colored surfaces, funny characters, and exciting surprises to leave young and old in awe.

New spectacular multi-activity cubes from HAPE®  

Welcome, boys and girls: take your seat and get ready to meet the Director of our Circus with his irresistible troop of acrobats and clowns!


The Light-Up Circus Activity Cube is the latest addition to the large family of HAPE® educational toys. Suitable from 18 months of age, the cubes can be used earlier, under the supervision of an adult. Multi-activity stations are toys that bring together different games in a single product. Their goal is to offer many stimuli for the development of skills that are critical in a given age group.

Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination: crucial skills to develop through playing activities 

Around 12-18 months of age, toddlers start developing motor skills. Along with crawling and walking, they work on advanced abilities that involve the small muscles of the fingers, wrists, and hands. The so-called fine motor skills indicate the ability to perform specific movements with the hands and fingers, controlling the various parts of the body.


Developing a proper mastery of fine motor skills is essential to perform many daily gestures. Tying shoes, buttoning the coat, writing, drawing, and coloring are all small gestures that we adults often take for granted but require a lot of concentration from the child. We already talked about this theme in our blog: check out the article dealing with the 9 Toddler Facts that Every Parent Needs to Know.

As you know, the simplest and most fun way to develop skills is through play activities: this is why age-appropriate toys are so crucial. Well-developed hand-eye coordination and control of the small hand muscles will be a solid foundation for healthy, balanced, and rewarding growth. The children who master their small movements will have an advantage at overcoming the challenges of preschool and primary school: learning to color, draw, and then write will be fluid, natural, and rewarding processes.

Hape® Multi-Activity Cubes: lots of stimuli, lots of fun, lots of games in one    

As we said, the best strategy to achieve small progressive goals without weariness or boredom always involves playing activities. Learning while having fun is better, whether it’s physical-motor skills or psycho-intellectual abilities such as imagination, creativity, and problem-solving (and this applies to adults too). And what’s more fun than the circus?

The Light-Up Circus Activity Cube entertains the little ones with different levels of difficulty and dynamism, inducing them to overcome their limits in a safe way.


For instance, the ringmaster is not on the upper face by chance. The children will try to stand up to break it down into many independent blocks and make it spin along the wires together with the colored shapes. So, they practice a movement that will become easier and more natural over time.

The Light-Up Circus Activity Cube: lots of fun games and a bright surprise 

The protagonists of the Light-Up Circus Activity Cube are clowns, jugglers, and acrobats. As with all Hape® multi-activity cubes, each side offers different games and special effects. The structure can entertain more than one child at a time, encouraging socialization and multiply-ing the fun.

In summary:

1. The upper face of the cube features the marvelous Ringmaster: its parts and the other colored shapes can twirl along the wires in many acrobatic tricks.

2. On the two smaller sides, two games that stimulate sight, motor skills, and coordination: the colored rollers that rotate at the touch of a finger, and a Star that runs along a zig-zag path.


3. On one of the two larger sides, a comical Clown with rotating discs instead of eyes and nose.

4. Finally, the novelty that distinguishes this toy: on the last side of the cube, a pretty Acrobat performs her show under a light that turns on and changes color by pressing the star. This incredible magic will entertain children, providing endless laughter and amazement!

The Light-Up Circus Activity Cube offers lots of laughter and hours of happiness. The toy comes assembled in its packaging: just put together the upper part, and let the fun begin!

Which side of the cube do your kids prefer? Tell us in the comments!