Here comes your baby’s first Christmas, a special moment to live together and remember forever!  First Christmas with a baby can also be an incredibly challenging time for mommy and daddy, who have to organize their time in the light of baby’s feeds and naps.

You know, babies appreciate the routine, and Christmas dinner’s typical excitment can wreck their rhythms, causing some disconfort.

So, what’s the best way to organize a babyproof Christmas enjoying this special moment at its best?

Here you can find some useful tips.

First of all, let’s see where you’re going to celebrate Christmas Holidays.

If you’re used to celebrate holidays in family, you should consider to organize the Christmas dinner at your home.

You might think that organizing this important event is stressful, since it means having the house cleaned up, lots of  cooking and also taking care of your little at the same time but we assure you that spending this time at home will be more comfortable for you and your baby.

Let you family help you with prepping dishes can be an easy way to minimize everyone’s efforts having a great dinner together!

Staying home, can also be a good choice to let babies rest when they’re tired and to let them enjoy their routine without stress.

What about food?

Christmas Dinner might be the best night of the year and we want it to be perfect and tasty for our littles too, right?

If babies haven’t started taking solids yet, avoid recipes that are high in calories or that contain sugar or salt, because it could be bad for them. So, take your baby’s portion out before adding salt, sugar or butter, then puree your baby’s food to the consistency according to their stage of weaning. You can also use your baby’s usual milk to make their dinner creamy.

An idea of menu for your baby’s first Christmas? Turkey mixed with potatoes and vegetables: turkey contains iron and proteins and it will make your baby’s puree of potatoes and vegetable so rich and good!

If your baby is in an appropriate stage of weaning little strips of turkey can be eaten safely, such as soft-cooked vegetable sticks and some good hummus.

Do you want to prepare a dessert too?

A pureed apple with a little bit of cinnamon can be a sweet and Christmas-tasty choice but remember to not add sugar!

After dinner comes the most awaited moment: Christmas gifts time!

There’s no Christmas without gifts and we’re sure that grandparents and uncles can’t wait to give plenty of presents to the new arrivals for their first Christmas!

Speaking of gifts, Safety and Less is More are two main rules to follow:

Toys must be safe for babies, appropriate to their age and made with safe materials.

Pay attention to the gift your baby receives and make sure to choose only certified toys.

If you’re looking for safe and beautiful Christmas gift for your baby, you might take a look at Hape Infant toys collection! It includes the best rattles, teethers and music toys for little ones, made with the safest materials.

A great idea can be Hape Garden Friends Play Arch , an amazing play arch with pretty animals and shapes to keep your little one amused and happy during Christmas dinner! How lovely is this pretty dangling bee? We love it!

In addition, this rattle & teether collection is made from a rice-based material and will help your baby develop their gross motor skill. How incredible will be to spend some good time with family around a beautiful Christmas table, while your baby is practicing his senses playing on his high chair!

Moreover, follow the “less is more” guideline! If your baby received too many toys give them little by little.

As we mentioned on the article “Montessori Method: what is it and how it can help on our children’s education, rotating kids’ toys and books every few weeks, is preferred in order to keep babies’ curiosity fresh and to encourage exploration and creativity.

So, are you ready for this new exciting Christmas? We’re sure it will be special and unforgettable!

Follow our tips and have the a happy Christmas! On our part, we wish the best holidays with your little ones!