One of the first things a child can do is pick up a pencil and start drawing.  

“The first writing of the human being was drawing, not writing.” – the cartoonist Marjane Satrapi said. 

Drawing is a good exercise for children’s development to express themselves. Above all, when they do not have verbal skills to communicate their feelings, you can get insights into their thoughts and feelings through their drawings. It is a communication of their inner world. 

Drawing also helps children to develop manipulative skillsA scribble to a masterpiece assists children to write, improve hand and eye coordination, and sharpen their finger muscles. The earlier they start, the more skills they achieve. 

So, drawing improves any communication skills for children, which explains the importance of having a drawing corner at home and stimulates them to draw.  

How to encourage children to draw? 

First, avoid painting books. Some researches show that coloring in books may restrict children’s creativeness and their independence of expression. The reason is they fix in their mind a static idea of the animal they found in the book with those exact features and colors. A good way for inviting them to draw and develop their artistic independence is drawing from real life, from nature in particular.  

How often, at the invitation of your child, have you drawn a stylized tree? Just like the coloring book, this may limit your child’s creative ability as your drawings dictate how a tree should look alike. Avoid showing examples of how the drawing “should” look. You should put your artistic moments aside for your children outside to observe nature, with paper and colors ready to be used. It can be a flower, a landscape, an insect, or some fruits. Nature can inspire the more skeptical drawer starting from observation. Observing natural life is a great invitation to draw, and observational drawing is a great exercise in seeing 

Playing outdoor is an essential part of any childhood, providing children with exercise, fresh air, and lots of inspiration 

 Nature has a great appeal for children and offers endless possibilities to investigate a natural subject. When we look at something with the intent of drawing it, we tend to look more carefully than usual. When touching, smelling, we discover new things and truly see shapes, patterns, colors, shadows. 

 Older children can reproduce the object more faithfully or with a personal artistic style. On the other hand, for younger kids is more about getting used to seeing and observing shapes, verbalizing thoughts, and experimenting on translating all that onto paper.  

 Sometimes children stop drawing when they understand the object is complicated or that adults have expectations of their figure. Nature is so engaging that it can prevent children from feeling uncomfortable and entice them to draw.  

 Drawing from real life is the best exercise for children to realize something not so far from them, less abstract than they may think. Sopaper and pencils for walking in nature are always a good idea, but the right tool can make the experience more immersive and prevent children from the lack of interest that may arise. 

 With these, you can let their imagination run wild! 

Anywhere Art studio helps your children express their art drawing in any place. With a magnetic whiteboard, chalkboard, and magnetic shape, this toy keeps your artist busy. Kids can draw using the marker on the magnetic side or chalks on the blackboard.  

 They can repeat the same flower during the whole art session, deleting with the eraser the drawing they do not like until they are satisfied with the result. So, it is the best choice to inspire your little ones to draw from nature. 

 How can you inspire an engaging and satisfying plain air drawing with kids? Easy, with All-in-1-Easel. This adjustable double-sided wooden easel involves all the tools that every young artist needs and has a place for everything.  

 It offers several approaches to drawing. If doublesided easel with blackboard and the magnetic whiteboard is not enough, your kids can pull the paper roll down and starting to draw the landscape with pencils, colors, or paints. There are three paint pots inserted in the wooden base. All-in-1-Easel lets kids change their artistic approach when they want, creating the same landscape in a thousand different ways. 

If flowers are your little one’s favorite object to draw, they should use Flower Press Art DIY Kit. They can create their art collection with this leaf and flower pressing kit.  

Starting with an actual leaf or blossom, they can stamp them on the sheet to have an initial trace for drawing and then use the included paints and brush to turn dried plants into colorful pieces of art. It can be a helpful approach for toddlers to draw. It makes them familiar with the subjects and switches soon to pencil for customizing their work. 

Are you ready for a drawing session in nature? It will be amazing!