You probably noticed that little ones often talk to their dolls while playing and you’re wondering if it’s good for their development.

First of all, we want to reassure you that this is a very normal activity for children, since they’re used to express themselves during playtime with their language. And, good news, this is very important!


Before we go on, you should know that playing with dolls is not a strictly female activity, as it is a good play for little boys too. Why?

Because playing with dolls helps kids develop empathy, and we can only imagine how good it is for all genders to have this. Secondary, playing with dolls helps them develop new cognitive, fine motor and language skills.

Moreover, toddlers use it to bring their pretending-play some real-life situation and this is the way they prepare themselves to face similar situations in future!

Well, if you hear your little ones talking with dolls, let them play: they’re also learning something precious for their language skills!

How the baby doll toy can help you little one develop language?

Dolls are fantastic for learning body parts, a good starting point to learn how to dress themselves : nose, eyes, mouth, ears, hands, fingers, tummy, feet, toes and so on. Ask your baby what the nose is and show it on the doll’s face. Becoming confident with body parts, children learn to see “outside” of themselves and learn that a “mouth” is not only something they have on their face but something all faces have!

Children who talk with dolls, also learn to use prepositions, colors, size concepts and other useful basic concepts and, above all, they learn to express feelings and to connect them with active solution. For example you may hear your toddler say: “my dolls are hungry, I’m gonna give them something to eat”.

No matter if they’re having a break time with real or imaginary friends, while they’re preparing  a pot of their favourite tea using a happy-colored tea set , they’re also practicing their language and we can only imagine how much their vocabulary will be expanded through this activity!

All these are great achievements for their growth, don’t you think?

Moreover, children use pretend play to understand their inner world and emotions and to take on the opposite role. This allows them to see things from another’s perspective, such an important skill to achieve in order to develop empathy!

Well, you’re probably wondering how you can encourage doll-play in your little one[S1] , right?

Firstly, we suggest you to provide your little ones with safe and simple dolls, like this happy Asian family, or this African American family … all colours and nationalities are welcome in our play time!


If toddlers love animals, they can take care of them on Hape furry friend vet set . Here kids can find all the accessories they need to look after pets and help them feeling good! We guess they will soon begin to talk with pets like a vet and to use new words!

Hape fantastic dollhouses will also offer the perfect set to play, rooms where dolls can sleep or have a shower, and, most important, where all family can live together in harmony and your little ones can feel confident while they learn new important language skill which will made them more independent.

If you’re thinking to take a dollhouse as a Christmas gift for your little ones, take a look at this amazing Doll Family Mansion, the best to make the doll family feel at home and to help kids improve their language skills through play.

So, are you still thinking that dolls are just a play?

Take a note, parents! This Christmas it’s serious with Hape toys!