We have been told several times about the importance of play in children’s development and about the significance of role-play when it comes to fostering a well-developed imagination and sense of creativity in toddlers.

Well, there are many reasons to be excited about role play, and today we want to show you how it helps children to dream about their future and develop good attitudes and positive ambitions.

So many children want to become astronauts or policemen and teachers or scientists, and it’s amazing to see that they have the ability to imagine themselves as professionals, because it means that they are able to create a new reality through their own thinking and using their own imaginations.

It’s easy to see that children develop these creative abilities through play and, in particular, through role-play!

When children pretend to be someone else, they simulate real-life situations and build and change the rules of these situations in accordance to their perception of reality. In other words, when a child pretends to be a doctor, he/she is not only learning to empathise with people and their various ailments, but also learning some technical vocabulary and gestures typical of a doctor…the first steps towards self-consciousness and developing professional attitudes!

During role-play sessions it’s very important for adults to encourage children to imagine everything and identify themselves with every role. Never discourage roles or limit your child’s imagination and creativity!

While children are playing, they are training and practicing their creativity and problem solving skills, which will be so useful in the future!

Every job they do when they grow up will require soft skills such as team-work, organisation and creativity, and role-play really helps build these skills!

In other words when your child is pretending to be a chef or a builder, they’re also developing side-skills which can help them become scientists, teachers or anything they want to be in the future!

As adults, we need to encourage children to dream whatever they want and stimulate them to realise those dreams, so that’s why we’ve created a rich selection of role-play toys to help parents achieve those goal!

Are you curious to see more? Here are some of the best role-play toys for toddler:

City Fire Station

Children love superheroes and love to feel as important as them! Well, as they pretend to be firemen whilst playing with this City Fire Station, they are imagining themselves as people who help other people.

And developing empathy is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Moreover, you can take advantage of the play sessions to teach toddlers some of the most important services they’ll encounter in an urban setting, which presents a great opportunity for learning.

Furry friend Vet Set

What if our baby loves animals and dreams about becoming a ver? Well, Hape has created the perfect toy for this, the Veterinarian Surgery, with its fun rooms where pets can be looked after and healed by the fair hands of little veterinarians!

It’s such a fun way to teach our children to respect animals!

Adventure Van

Do your babies dream about hitting the open road and surfing the ocean waves? Well, the easy-to-carry Camping Van, complete with dolls and accessories, is the ideal toy so get ready for all your future adventures in the big, wide world!

All Season Dollhouse

Who has dreamed of a house full of toys?

This house is furnished with different room sets, and is great for role-playing all the different roles found in the family.

While the children play you have a great opportunity to see how they actually see your family, because children usually throw real situations into their play sessions.

At this time it’s so important to listen to them, because they express their inner world and reveal their dreams during role-play!

So, what do your toddlers dream of? Tell us and you can win a perfect toy!

Go to bit.ly/TodayImDreamingOfBeing, follow the instructions and vote for the option that best describes your toddlers’s dreams for their future.

A lucky winner will receive a special toy, so play with us and good luck!