When a baby comes into a family everything is so new and parents have to learn a lot of things: changing the diapers, feeding at first, but also new routine and balance must be found within the couple.

In this new life some tasks, such as breastfeeding, are often left to moms, while dads may feel left out, as they were “less important” than moms for children.

Great news, daddy! You play a very important role in the development of children and you’re so precious for their growth! Differently from moms, however, dads don’t have a relationship with children since pregnancy, so they have to build it day by day from the moment they come to life on.

How can dads feel more involved with their babies?

All you have to do is to be near to your babies, giving them your time, dedication and, above all, your love. If you got these three elements, keep calm and don’t worry: your relationship with babies will strengthen every day a little more!

Read below about daily activities you can do to enhance the relationship with you baby.

Daddy, spend more time with me and learn to know me!

When you spend some time with your baby you learn to read all the little signs and cues of their needs. This allows you to anticipate their behaviors.

You’ll learn to interpret their crying, just paying attention to the pitch and tone, and doing so you’ll be able to understand what your baby is asking you to feel better. When you give your children some milk just by hearing their crying… well done, daddy, you are on the road to become a super dad!

Spend some time with children playing with them with simple and age-appropriate toys, such as a gentle  Rotating Music Box to encourage your Newborns to explore and experience music and be relaxed, or a rattle designed right for their little hands. Of course they’ll be happy, but, more important, you should take part in their care moments, such as bath and clothing time, that is in other words, being part of their daily routine.

This is the way they begin to feel comfortable and trust you. In this way they know you every day a little more. Indeed, one of the greatest things about children bonding with their dads is to let them know your way to do things, differently from moms. Your children must experience moms and dads different style of care.

You can also turn their bath routine into an great opportunity to have a very fun time with daddy, letting babies splash and play. And while your baby’s laughing and feeling good sitting in water, they are also learning something new and precious for the growth.

Do you want to be witness of this wonderful learning through play? Well, take the opportunity of bath time to encourage children to develop their imagination and learn new words.

If you want to know how to turn bath time in a fun occasion to learn read more on this article.

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Well daddy, as you read there’s no complex or hard activities required to do a good job as father: all babies want to know and discover the world, having you by their side. They only need your love and protection and, of course, your time to spend with them.

We’re pretty sure you’ll be great!