Children and horses have always had a relationship of harmony and affection. These majestic, sensitive, and intelligent animals surely know how to earn and keep our love. The lucky ones who have the opportunity to be in contact with horses and ponies know how many benefits derive from horseback riding in nature. Their influence on our wellbeing is such that they help in psycho-physical rehabilitation and treatment of suffering people in Hippotherapy.

Once a common means of transport and a source of prestige for those who raised them, today horses are not so common, especially in the city. However, children and teenagers still love them very much. In riding schools, they have the opportunity to get in touch with these adorable animals while they practice the noble art of English riding and other fascinating equestrian sports. But, most importantly, they learn to take care of animals in the stables.

Feeding horses, keeping them clean and tidy means learning to take responsibility, experiencing the gratification that comes from taking care of others and the environment. Horseback riding is recommended by many educators to stimulate children’s peace of mind, concentration, and sense of responsibility. But not everyone has the opportunity to train with real horses. So why not do it for fun? Discover Hape Pony Club Ranch, a modern playset packed with realistic details. The latest addition to our Adventure category offers hours of fun and promotes healthy psycho-emotional development in our children.


Learn to relate politely and take care of others through role play

From the third year onwards, children need increasingly complex stimuli. At this stage of development, their interest shifts to the world and the people around them. We adults should be ready to direct their energetic charge towards constructive activities. Also, as interactions become predominant, it is vital to lay the foundations for healthy, respectful, and polite relationships.

Through play, we have a chance to convey complex messages to our children, teaching them how to relate politely and take care of others. Role play is not just a completely spontaneous way for children to exercise imagination and problem-solving skills. It is also a valuable tool for educators to convey good manners, encourage identity definition and a healthy reworking of everyday events. For more information about role play, have a look at the article “How important is role play in children’s development?” that deepens this topic.

Hape Dollhouse Toys line: many scenarios to live adventures with animal friends.

The Hape Adventure Kids line offers children the opportunity to take on many roles and experience different situations. We have developed many scenarios to live imaginary adventures with our sweet animal friends. Horse lovers will be super excited about the Pony Club Ranch. The protagonists of this detailed and realistic environment are a riding doll with folding limbs and a cute pony with a flowing mane to brush. With its four rooms on two floors plus an external enclosure, it offers countless ideas for the imagination of kids to run wild. To begin with, they can ride, brush and feed the cute pony. Moreover, they can tidy up the stables, harness the horse, haul bales with the pulley and relax in the clubhouse. With the Pony Club Ranch, you know where the fun begins, but you don’t know where it ends!


Pony Club Ranch: an innovative, realistic and creative horse-themed play-set

Whether your child has already experienced the thrill of riding or aspires to do so, our Pony Club Ranch has all the credentials to make them fall in love at first sight. There used to be other toys on the market based on a similar concept. However, the Pony Club Ranch stands out with its accurate and modern graphics, bright colors, and dolls that support instant identification. In fact, any role-playing game needs this fundamental transfer. By identifying with dolls, children can play to take on roles and responsibilities, learning to care for others, behave like good friends, and implement solutions to possible problems.

Toy horses activate children’s creativity, supporting the imaginations and development of amazing plots. But there is so much more to our playset! The sweetness of the dolls, the accurate realism of the setting, the abundance of details will leave your children speechless. Besides, the accessories invite to carry out many activities: transport hay with the pulley, groom the mane, dress and undress fro the run, tidy up the stables, and let your imagination run wild!

Like all products in the Hape Dollhouse Toys line, the Pony Club Ranch also represents a realistic but reassuring miniature of the world. Detail orientation encourages children’s involvement and enriches their play experience. Its gender-neutral colors invite boys and girls to play together. And the sturdy wooden construction ensures long hours of fun!



Pony Club Ranch: all the features and accessories

The great thing about the Pony Club ranch is the sheer realism of its features and activities. Children will enjoy exploring all of its four rooms, with their accurate and brilliant graphics.

  • Upstairs we find a living room with a kitchen and all the comforts for our doll to chill.
  • Next to it, the barn with the rooster, the mice, and other friends.
  • Below, the box where the horse eats and rests after walks and runs outdoors.
  • Finally, a convenient shed to store all the tools necessary to maintain the stable and take care of the horse.

Get ready to ride by putting the saddle and reins on the horse and having the doll wear a riding helmet. Prepare obstacles to jump, comb the pony’s flowing mane with the supplied brush and then feed the horse in the stable. Thanks to the pulley, transporting hay bales from the upper floor to the horse-box is super easy and fun.


After a long day of riding in nature, jumping obstacles, and taking care of her equine friend, the doll can relax in the upstairs kitchen, perhaps receiving friends. All Adventure Kids play sets are compatible with each other to offer a rich and potentially endless gaming experience. And when the pony goes to sleep, we can close the ranch thanks to the foldable structure. The Pony Club Ranch turns into a box with handles, convenient to put away at the end of the game, and easy to take anywhere with us.


A fun, creative, and accessory-filled toy, the Pony Club Ranch will mark the beginning of a long love story between your children and horses. Find out all the details on the website.