Bedtime offers many opportunities to strengthen the parent-child bond from the first months of life. Bedtime stories, lullabies, and cuddles make the end of the day sweeter and help our little ones slip peacefully into a deep and regenerating sleep. Of course, the situation is not always idyllic. For some children, the time to put on their pajamas and go to bed can be a daily drama.

Some try to delay the evening separation from their mother as much as possible. Others stage desperate and interminable whims. Even children with a docile and peaceful disposition sometimes resist the cot, perhaps simply because they took a nap in the afternoon longer than usual or because they do not want to stop what they are doing. That is why we parents cannot live without a reassuring routine that helps children distinguish between day and night. And to help us create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, we can use products specifically designed to promote relaxation.

Hape Musical Cloud Lamp was designed precisely to help children sleep. With its pastel colors, soothing sounds, and soft lighting, it stimulates relaxation on different levels. Convenient to hang from the cradle, stroller, or car seat, the Cloud Lamp helps mom and dad create a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere. In addition, thanks to the sensor capable of detecting the baby’s crying, this cloud-shaped lamp with three colored drops is always ready to reassure your little one in case of night waking.

Use the right sounds for a sound sleep

The right music and sounds have a noticeable calming effect on babies, as any mom or dad who has tried singing a lullaby knows well. We have already talked about it in the article Music and Sounds help your baby calm downreassuring sounds such as the noise of the rain, the heartbeat, the meditative ohm, and soft music help lower the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. At the same time, they stimulate the production of dopamine, the so-called wellness molecule capable of releasing positive sensations.

Music is a natural sedative capable of counteracting states of agitation, modifying the baby’s mood, and predisposing them to sleep. The eight delicate melodies of the Musical Cloud Lamp calm the baby until they are ready to close their eyes and let themselves sleep. And the integrated sleep timer allows you to program the duration of the music: so you can leave a soft background even when you leave the room.


What color is your sleep? All about white noise

In addition to the lullabies, the Cloud Lamp also features two soothing audio tracks: one plays the heartbeat, the other the sound of rain. They are the so-called white noises, i.e., low, medium, and high-frequency sounds reproduced at constant intensity. One of the benefits of white noise, particularly useful in noisy neighborhoods, is its ability to block other sounds.

Several studies show that white noise can help infants and young children fall asleep faster. But the sound can also be of other colors. White noise randomly reproduces all frequencies audible to the human ear with equal amplitude across all frequencies. Pink noise, instead, alternates intense low-frequency tones and softer high-frequency tones.

Particularly reassuring is the heartbeat sound, which reminds the baby of the times in the womb, being warm, nourished, and protected. Heart noise simulates maternal closeness, comforting the baby and inducing calm in preparation for a peaceful sleep. Whether it’s the heartbeat, the rain, or even the hairdryer, white background noises can be of great help in calming children.


Sleep tight anywhere you are with Hape Musical Cloud Lamp

Hape Musical Cloud Lamp helps calm children down, fights stress, and promotes good quality sleep with its audio tracks. Not only does your baby fall asleep faster, but he will also benefit from better and longer-lasting sleep. This cute hanging lamp accompanies you everywhere you go: the fabric hook allows you to easily attach it to the cot, cradle, stroller, and car handles. This way, you can maintain the bedtime routine you established even on vacation and on the go.

As we mentioned in the article What to do if babies do not sleep in the bassinet, routines are essential to help them distinguish between day and night. Repeating the same sequence of actions, singing the same lullaby, or telling the same bedtime story every night create a reassuring ritual. The routines make the baby feel comfortable so that bedtime becomes a pleasure. Like any ritual, bedtime habits also require the right atmosphere. And how do we create a comfy and reassuring atmosphere? Soft lights, relaxing music and sounds, and a soothing voice tone give us a massive hand.

You find all these elements in Hape Musical Cloud Lamp, which is also very easy to use. To adjust the intensity of lights, sounds, and colors, you only have to press one of the three raindrops-shaped suspended buttons. Setting the sleep timer is also child’s play. In this function, the background music continues even when you leave the room. Suddenly turning off the music could wake your baby up: set the timer before going out, so you can guarantee sleep continuity. For the same purpose, we have equipped the Music Cloud with a sensor. As soon as the baby wakes up crying, the lamp activates and reproduces the reassuring sounds you have set.


Discover all the features of this lovely and versatile multifunctional lamp on the site. The Hape’s Musical Cloud Lamp will transform bedtime into the favorite moment of children (and of mom and dad too).