Did you have everything prepared for a trip but bad weather ruined your plans?

It is the typical situation of the season we are in and it is going to happen more often in winter, when rainy days occur frequently.

It is annoying, but if you think about it, staying home offers the possibility to spend time with family engaging in some interesting activities that usually take the time you have not. And if you can’t remember the last time you played with your child, you should definitely take advantage of the rainy day to do it and even more.

If you need some ideas of activities to do when it’s raining outside, this post is for you.

Bake cupcakes with your kids

How good is to smell freshly baked cookies especially in a cold winter day?

Kids love baking and spending time in kitchen with their parents, above all if they can work together. So take the ingredients you are going to use and put them on the table. But first of all, don’t forget the pastry chef hat for your toddlers! It’s the basic rule to start making sweets.

It’s time to mix the ingredients and prepare the dough giving kids instructions on the various steps of the recipe. Kids will have a lot of fun making the dough and even more pinching it to taste when done.

While cupcakes are baking, you can move with your kids in their own little role play kitchen, making cupcakes with their tools and following their instructions this time. Inverted roles will entertain them a lot!

Once cupcakes are ready, let kids decorate them with colored cream and candies. Maybe the cupcakes will not be perfect, but they will for sure have the most joyful moments.

Art attack time

Doing manual jobs is really useful to stimulate toddlers creativity. You can create together everything they want, obviously you need to have the necessary: ​​colored pencils or tempera paints, scissors, paper, glue, cardboard and so on.

And any material is missing, we should use an alternative one. If you decide to recreate the forest in a shoes box, for instance, you can use the toilet paper cardboard (that would otherwise be thrown away) to make the squirrel body, or the toothpicks for porcupine needles.

Draw, paint and cut are one of the great classics during rainy days.

Snowball battle

Who says you need to be out for a snowball battle?

You only need balled up socks, strictly white. And a small fort, of course, that you would make with your little ones using sofa pillows and chairs. There is only one thing left to do: decide whether to play in teams or play a free-for-all battle.

Let the fun begin!

Sound Bells

It is a declination of a Montessori’s activity. It consists of putting several things in different cans. Rice grains in one, nuts in another one, sugar etc. In sort, a thing in every can. Shaking them your toddler should be able to guess what every can contains, discriminating the sounds.

It is an opportunity for toddler to understand which sounds they like and what sound is similar to another one, perhaps they may discover a sound that resembles the rain outside.

If your toddlers love music you can play together, of course, with any instrument, such as tambourine, harmonica or ukulele.

Let’s get the concert started and have a lot of fun!

Family Domino Hour

Brush up a classic board game, but revisited. With toddlers you can play Dynamo Dominos, made of wooden colored blocks. Create with babies a long colorful wooden tiles path and make it more dynamic asking them to build a point or a tower, activating all the cognitive skills concerned with constructions like motor ones. Let them hit the first tile to enjoy the chain reaction! Start again changing the path of the wooden tiles and have another great pleasant  moments.

Isn’t great to stay in and have a wonderful day?

It’s late. Home smells of cookies,  there are plenty of games on the floor,  things to tidy up and the rain outside is the soundtrack of a perfect home family day.

Have a good winter.