Do your children skip snack time?

It is difficult for children to acquire good eating habits. They often miss the meal or snack time only because they do not want to stay seated for more than a minute. It is understandable: the world is so full of things to discover, and play is so fun! Why waste time sitting down?

We also understand you, parents, who have the anxiety to feed your children well so that they grow up strong and healthy.

If you want to help children, you need a strategy: if children miss snack time because of their desire to play, why not turn snack time into playtime?

In other words, you can invite your children to play during the break and share some of your time. For getting them involved, we recommend you choose entertaining toys. We suggest puzzles so you can join and play too. It is one of the most favorite games from early childhood right through to adulthood.

Puzzles are an important educational learning tool for toddlers and young children as they provide cognitive benefits and learning opportunities. Do you wish to know more? Here we are to illustrate all the advantages of playing puzzles for children.

Benefits to play with puzzles

Doing puzzles can be considered a complete brain exercise that increases cognitive functions with lots of positive benefits, such as memory.

When you pick a puzzles piece, you have to search among the others according to the color or shape that you have in mind. So, puzzles train memory when little ones try to recall patterns, pieces of images that have been tried but were not suitable.

Puzzles train fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination too. When engaged in playing with puzzles, children need to pick and grasp pieces. Sorting and fitting them into the correct place. Hand manipulation is supported by the eyes’ activity for succeeding in sorting and joining the right puzzle pieces.

Puzzle improves problem-solving skills. As it is a trial and error test, to solve it, toddlers and children must think about strategies on how to approach the play to complete the task. This process involves reasoning and developing solutions skills that they can use later in their adult life.

Furthermore, a puzzle is a very productive way to promote cooperative play that is based on collaborative work, sharing efforts and common goals to achieve. As only kids, or kids and adults, work together to complete a puzzle, they will discuss where a piece should go and why. Take turns and support each other when handling frustration for sharing the joy of finishing the task. In this way, children learn about patience and cooperation.

Children love to play with puzzles despite sitting for a considerable amount of time. So why not take the opportunity to invite them for a snack during playtime? Trust us and verify it a success! Probably children will be so involved in the play that they will not even notice that they have drank all the juice and eaten all the snacks.

So, if you want your children to get good snack time habits, consider puzzles as your ally.

The most entertaining puzzle to play together

Playing the puzzles listed below together may be a big help to learn how to stay seated and finish the snacks. Let’s start!

Jobs Roundabout Puzzle

Snack time with this lovely toy will be great!

This two-sided puzzle teaches about the tasks of a firefighter, teacher, postal worker, doctor, etc.

Everyone has an important job to play, and children can learn all of them while having a snack.

If your little ones find it hard to drink the juice, you can throw them a “who finishes the chef first” challenge that involves drinking a sip of fruit juice too. You can repeat the challenge for all the jobs your little ones want. They probably will be able to drink it all and finish the puzzle for the pleasure of winning against you!

Chunky Clock Puzzle

It is an alternative to the classic puzzles for younger children. The task is to put colourful shapes in the right place to complete the cute bugs.

What if each insect color corresponded to a small amount of dried fruit? An almond for a green bug and a walnut for a red one, for example.

Put the fruit on the puzzle pieces, and your children will complete all the insects enjoying even the snack. Moreover, Chunky Clock Puzzle is the nicest toy for your little ones to learn reading the time.

Animated City Puzzle

For elder children, this multisensory puzzle is the best choice to get an extra level of involvement. Animated City Puzzle allows the exploration of different tactile textures and sound effects. It offers double, even triple fun for preschooler children!

First, the challenge of putting together a large image made up of 49 pieces. Then, the exploration of all the details and characters that make up the city landscape and finally the surprise: when you pass the special superhero viewer on the surface, drawings will appear animated as you move it across the picture.

But superheroes need a superpower! How can children get it? Eating a  banana as a snack! They will finish the banana in a blink of an eye to be the hero with the super-sight.

Solar system Puzzle

With a puzzle like this, fun is written in the stars!

Brightly coloured stars, planets, and meteorites enlighten the midnight-blue background. But there is more: once the puzzle is completed with all the pieces connected, it is time for magic! Just put the hemispherical sun with integrated LED lighting at the center of the puzzle and enjoy the special effects of your solar system.

And what about the snack? Before embarking on a journey in space, the greatest astronauts must recharge energy by having a snack. Explain it to your children and see how they will start to eat the yogurt and cereals with real gusto! Then, let the roleplay go on.

Family, you can discover more about the Universe with a double-sided poster with extra information about the solar system and the different planets.

During this playtime, your children can finish the snack, have fun with the puzzle and explore Astronomy through the mysteries of the Universe at the same time! Does it seem nice to you?

2-in-1World Tour Puzzle and Game

How can you reach the maximum level of entertainment playing puzzles? With 2-in-1 World Tour Puzzle and Game. You can race your children to finish the snack around the world!

First, complete the 100-piece puzzle showing all the countries and learn what they are known around the world. Then use the wooden characters to travel to each continent for the game.

Join this list and remind children to do the lucky ritual: eating a piece of carrot cake before every roll of the dice. They will eat the snack and probably ask you for another piece to support their luck and win the game!

Are you ready for a great snack time? Just choose the puzzle to play with!