What a changeling year 2020 has been and parents made incredible efforts to make reality seems better at their kids’ eyes, coming up with new activities to do together at home during quarantine and always figuring out new ways to make every day a beautiful game to play.

We can only imagine how hard has been for all parents to do their best to juggle work, house and family  in such a difficult time, but you made it and you should be really proud!

Now here we are, the year comes to an end and a new one comes full of hope for a better future for us and our children! Let’s say goodbye to 2020 with the happiest activities for children and have nothing but fun on this last day of the year.

There’s plenty of games and activities you can do with kids on New Year’s Eve to keep them entertained for all evening and kids will be very happy to help to count down to the New Year, are you ready?

You can use some paper to make a special New Year’s eve clock and hang them on the wall. As the Midnight comes closer, kids can cover the numbers with a paper disc with adhesive and make the waiting a moment to play together and have fun each new hour!

And what about using balloons for the clock?  Write the numbers on twelve balloons and hang them on the wall simulating a big clock.

Once each hour passes by, kids can poke the correspondent balloon… a lot of fun until the new year arrives!

These can also be turned in ways to help children become more confident telling time and having fun but, if they have some difficulty to do this task, you can help with appropriate toys such as this beautiful Chunky Clock Puzzle. Isn’t it adorable for your 3 year child?、

You can also organize a happy New Year’s Bingo raffling off some little gifts or sweets, to play after dinner. Kids love surprises and will love to open some new and unexpected toys!

You don’t need to include big or expansive toys in your New Year’s Bingo, just choose simple and little surprises such as coloured postcards, little and easy toys like this chunky puzzle, or some candies.

And when finally the countdown starts… let’s get the party started!

It’s time to celebrate and get some noise, right? You can use whistles of course, but why don’t you take some time to create your personal New Year’s eve noise maker?  You just need a paper plate, some markers and paints, glue, curled ribbon to decorate and bells, dried beans, chickpeas or anything else you can use to make some noise.

How to bring your noise-maker to life? Tape little strips of curled ribbon on a half of plate. Stick dried beans, littles bells, buttons and chickpeas in the middle of the plate, then fold in half and stick the two parts with glue.

If you like, you can paint the plate first, adding some extra happy colors to your New Year – Noise Maker!

What’s your favourite idea to celebrate the new year with kids?

Wherever you celebrate and whatever is your idea of party, take a minute for a brief reflection.

You know, this year was only not hard for adults but for children too and many of them are probably a little stressed by how this year went.

Help your lovely kids to express their disease and to bring it out.

One thing you could do together is a simple but important gesture: write on some cards the things and thoughts you want to leave away for 2020.

If your baby can’t write yet, ask them to tell if there’s anything they don’t want to take to the new year and draw it together on some paper.

Then find a creative way to get rid of this: you can put all cards inside a box and then throw it away, for example.

This is just a symbolic gesture but it can help you get the right attitude to walk into the new year.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to 2020, we wish you a very happy new year, surrounded by the love of your family and by happiness of kids!