We love cuddling our snuggly kids and throwing kisses upon them. That is all we would like to do all day long, right?

We are going to tell you the good news: hugging is not only the best pastime ever, but also helps you build lasting bonds with your children. And more, it is a healthy habit, and strongly recommended.

Yes, it is a tough job, but after all, someone has to do it!

Hugging can help in different ways, such as health improvement, bonding strengthen, and learning experiences.

Why does hugging your children is so good for their health?

It may surprise you that hugs have a physical function. Even before a baby is born, the hormone oxytocin is released into the brain and bloodstream by the mom. This hormone helps create an intense and strong bond between mom and child from the very first day of life. The same hormone is also released thanks to contact created by hugs and cuddles between children and other relatives such as daddy, grandparents, uncles, and brothers.

In the process of strengthening the family bond, another hormone called pleasure hormone is also involved. It is what makes you feel satisfied every time you do something you like. We are talking about dopamine, a hormone that rewards you every time you hold and snuggle your little ones. Moreover, when hugging your babies they learn how to recognize your smell in a way that as more you snuggle them more you both can experience the dopamine effects. So, as more you hug more want to! That is a very good way to cement the parent-child bond!

Oxytocin and dopamine are good for our physical and mental health too. Several studies highlight that oxytocin helps to keep heart rate and blood pressure under healthy levels, decreasing the chances of heart diseases, and dopamine helps to improve attention, learning, and memory.

All these are very good reasons to cuddle and be cuddled by our little ones, don’t you think? These hormones also can have effects on pain. That is why when children are teething, some good cuddles can cut down on their irritability and make them feel less stressed. Moreover, they also act to reduce inflammation and shorten healing time.

Even if cuddling and kisses may not ease every kind of pain, they can sure help calm down your little ones. So, don’t ever let your children without your best cuddles!

In other words, when it comes to hugs and kisses, the more the better. So, open up your arms and your heart, and don’t stop offering your best snuggles to your little ones!


Beyond the hormone aspects of cuddling, there are other benefits to your baby and your relationship. Did you know that some baby massages can help strengthen your family bond?

Many researchers found that massages can promote better sleeping and relieve colic. It may even enhance the immune system, motor skills, and intellectual development of infants.

How to massage a baby?

  • Use a blanket or towel and massage oil. Test the oil on a small spot of your baby’s skin to ensure no irritation appears.
  • Start it when your baby is in a quiet yet alert mood, then sit on the floor with the soles of your feet together and form a diamond shape with your legs.
  • Drape the blanket over your feet and place your baby on it.
  • Then hold your little one speaking gently and massaging his/her body by section, from the tummy to navel, chest, arms, back, and finally legs.
  • Try to keep eye contact as possible as you can. It helps you and your baby better know each other and strengthen your relationship.


Another great opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your little ones is during bath time. That is a good moment when they are relaxed and may enjoy some good snuggles while having fun splashing and playing with their aquatic friends.

Bath is a joy for the senses and an amazing occasion for parents to be in deep contact with their baby.

Moms and dads. Don’t miss this great time to speak gently to them and explain why taking our body clean is so important. Make some relaxing massages if they had a hard day. When children are stressed, a warm bath can make their day. Use this time to be in the moment with them, which will make them trust you every day a little more.

You can also turn this moment in an occasion to learn new words and even some basic physical laws, such us floating, temperature and so on. To do so, some fun and colourful bath toys can help. These fun feed-me bath toys can help children learn about shapes, for example, and also store other bath toys!

And what about this fun tubing pull-back boat? Playing with it can be a great opportunity to experience floating objects. Archimede’s principle will have no secrets soon for our little explorers!

Finally, another moment for you and your little ones to get closer is sleep time, when children are so little between your arms, totally abandoned to you, and so close to your heart.

It is a very special occasion for you to sing your favorite melodies and sweetly cradle them. What a magic moment to feel hearts beating together! Your relationship will never end. It will get stronger every day a little more indeed!

Parenting can be hard sometimes, but it is the best job in the world. We wish you to enjoy this time and have the strongest and everlasting relationship with your little sweetie. We are sure you will have it without too much effort. All you need to do is building it day by day, guided by love!