Positive relationships with parents help children learn more about the world and grow, that is why it is so important for parent-child relationship to be strong and loving.   

How do you establish a solid relationship with your children? All you must do is be in the moment with your childrenlistening to what is going on with them and showing acceptance.  

As you can imagine, nobody has a magic recipe for getting your parent-child relationship right and solidbut we know that solid foundation consists of warm, loving and responsive interactions. This allows them to feel loved and secure.  

Playing together has an important function in building a solid relationship. It allows parents to spend quality time with their children and share happy experiences.  

How can play help parents build a solid relationship with their kids?  

Playing together is about enjoying a fun and happy time together which new discoveries, sharing new experiences and feelings. When you spend your time with your kids and show your dedication and love, you are showing your appreciation for them. That is a very good base for relationship which will grow stronger each day! 

What does quality time mean? Let us try to be less abstract… Spending quality time together can mean sharing laughs during bath time or singing and dancing together to their favorite songs, always communicating to them with positive messages and trust, through your hugs and smiles.  

Even if you have troubles at work, turn your phone off and get off the couch… your kids are growing so fast and being a good parent is up to you, so play and spend time with them 

We are all busy but planning some regular activities together can help you make the time count much more!  

Here you find some useful tips to use which will help strengthen your relationship with your toddlers 

An important thing to keep in mind is that it does not matter what you play because what really counts is being there for them. 

Avoid playing with only screens: when you play with your little ones choose simple and interactive toys (especially if they are made from sustainable materialto have safe fun. 

Puzzlesconstructions and railways are the best toys to strengthen your relationship, because they allow you to share the same goals. 

With Cliffhanger, for instance, you can build an amazing marble race and see the marbles run togetherLook how fast they are! 

And what about this beautiful Busy City RailwayIt is great railway to build together and to play with. Enjoy your city and everything it has to offer 

When you play with kids remember to support their ideas. For example, if your children decide to change the rules of play, do not say no, but let them free to express their creativity and imagination. 

Role play is a very powerful tool to enforce your relationship with your toddlers because it allows you to share fun experiences and develop a strong rapport.  

Helping the development of language skills, role play can also be a starting point for having even more articulated conversations with your little ones. 

Are you looking for any role play toy for your children? Hape offers a huge choice and provide your kids the opportunity to explore different jobs and themes.  

What about playing together in kitchen? Tie your apron strings and start cooking the most delicious meals with your little ones: have them choose from the special menu: a healthy salad, a perfect pizza or sweet popsicles? 

Through role play, you can also explore different jobs together, and take advantage of a fun playtime to help your children learn something new about professionals. The doctor studio, or supermarket are two wonderful examples. 

As we can see, construction, railways and role play toys are a good way to spend some quality time with toddlers and build good memories together. Playing with your children is only one of the many ways you must build a good relationship with them, but it is also one of the most important.  

Remember to be in the moment for them, caring and paying attention to their attitudes and inclinations in order to become a strong point of reference during their growth.  

We are pretty sure you will find your own way each day, in order to be the best mom or dad for your little ones. Enjoy the playtime and we will provide all the wonderful toy options!