We are a few days away from Christmas. We can only imagine how much excited you are about the arrival of one of the most expected feasts of the year! It is time to join family and friends, share love, and honour the traditions.

Home decoration with bright light, the Christmas tree, Christmas carols, special meals, Christmas-themed sweaters… Christmas enchantment captivates all, especially children, who look forward to it. Do you remember the happiness of your childhood Christmas days, the desire to unwrap the gifts, and the joy to play all day long? The magic was all around. 

If you want to recreate the beauty of that day, don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the perfect toys to be found under the tree. Here you will find some. Get inspired! 

Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021 

A little suggestion for you: choose toys considering that children use them as tools for learning, developing, and building skills. Our Christmas gifts list includes the best toys for kids according to experts. 

Join Roleplay this Christmas! 

Surely you have heard your children talk to themselves while pretending to be someone else. Putting themselves in the shoes of a firefighter, an astronaut, a teacher, a princess is a spontaneous activity that helps develop several skills. Roleplay toys are the best choice to encourage this innate children’s aptitude, allowing our kids to experiment with roles and situations. Moreover, it leaves imaginary plots for fun exercises that promote linguistic, emotional, and social skills.  

If your kids are horse lovers, they will be super excited about the Pony Club Ranch. This playset is sure to bring adventures to your little ones with so many ranch activities! Feeding horses, keeping them clean and tidy means learning to take responsibility and take care of others through roleplay. 

Like all products in the Hape Dollhouse Toys line, the Pony Club Ranch also represents realistic miniatures of the world. Details enrich children’s play experience and activate their creativity for entertaining plots development. 

With Metro Police Dept Playset, children can tell the endless urban adventures of a police officer. The two-level station comes with a jail cell, an office, a helicopter with a landing pad, a police car, one police officer, one prisoner, and loads of police equipment accessories, making the imaginary play even more realistic. The station features a real alarm that sounds and flashes when you push the button, and the prison cell door can be opened and locked with a key.

 Employing this toy, children can discover the significant work of these metropolitan heroes, which protect us in our daily life through their bravery and intuition. It is also perfect for teaching kids right and wrong about law enforcement.  

Toys for having happy musical Christmas moments 

Are you looking for a creative and fun activity that supports the development of your children? Among the Hape proposal for Christmas 2021, you can consider music toys. Enriching children’s lives with music makes their routine happy and productive. Music has a meaningful impact on emotional, intellectual, and motor skills. It also influences creativity. 

Hape Music Toys line is full of toys designed to give children an amazing experience of music and tones to discover the world. The sweet Musical Cloud Light is perfect for introducing music to the youngest ones. For toddlers, our toys are extraordinary to explore music with high-quality rhythm and tones. While for pre-schoolers, there are toys that reproduce musical instruments able to inspire them to play music for real. 

Learn with Light Ukulele is ideal for your children to live the magic of Christmas songs. It offers two progressive ways of use. In the learning mode, your child can concentrate on single notes. Once they gain more confidence, they can progress to band mode, a more satisfying and advanced level. Thanks to the Learn with Lights method, anyone can learn to play by following the coloured lights.

 Gifting it to your child, you can start a Christmas concert under the tree! 

Moments like this one can increase empathy among you and your little ones. Science confirmed that music strengthens the bond between parents and children. To pursue this goal, you should also choose the DJ mix & Spin. It is a portable DJ studio that allows toddlers to spin their first tunes and learn about cause and effect concerning music. To the music of your little DJs, you can dance while they are scratching along with the black record for creating their personal tunes. Performing together is so fun! 

STEAM toys for productive and fun Christmas afternoons 

You can take advantage of Christmas relaxed time for choosing an educational toy that can ignite the desire to understand and experiment with the world. 

The STEAM toys are definitely one of the best gifts ever for children aged four and up. STEAM toys help prepare them for the study of science, technology, arts, and more. They not only promote interest in a discipline but also with imagination development and problem-solving skills. Above all, they can teach children the laws that rule the world.  

With Optical Science Lab, you can spend time together experimenting with optical illusions. You can also explore the small details that cannot be seen with naked eyes. The Optical Science Lab includes a periscope, a 3D viewer, a rotating kaleidoscope, an infinity mirror, and a dark room, among other tools, to manage the engaging experiments.

 You can find the most incredible optical discoveries with this Junior Inventor toy! 

The Quadrilla line offers another point of view on STEAM principles, helping to develop spatial awareness and understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. The Ultimate is the largest Hape Quadrilla set. Two spiralling funnels, 12 curved rails, and 10 power-boosting accelerators inspire builders to design the whirlwind marble runs. The toy offers endless possibilities to reconfigure the layout to make every play session unique and exciting. 

With The Ultimate, this Christmas can go in a thousand different directions that lead to fun. 

Playing together is part of the festive fascination. Make this Christmas unique through play, sparking a moment of magic with Hape toys.