Every activity is a precious occasion to learn something new for children. It is also a way to increase their awareness of the world around them. Bath time can also be one of these moments since it offers the perfect setting to encourage children to develop imagination and creativity and learn a lot of things while they have fun in the water

Let’s see some insights and tips on one of our favourite moments in everyday life as parents:


  1. A joy for senses and new skills

Children learn by senses and during bath time they feel a lot of different sensations: they can touch bubbles and feel their softness, they can hear the splashing water and experience hot and cold sensations in their skin. These are only few of the things children can learn during bath time, but are real milestones for their growth.

Let your little one play in the bath, building soapy foam sculptures, splashing their hands in the water or let the water out of the sponge by squeezing it. This will help him discover the world and physical laws by playing.

Quick tip: cuddle your baby after the bath and share this affectionate and intense moment with them.

  1. Bath time as relaxing routine for bedtime

Babies and toddlers in particular, need to start with a structured routine to get them ready to calm down at night. Giving bath time at the same time each night helps to establish a bedtime routine and prevent over-reactions.  In other words, through bath time, children acquire rules and learn to respect them. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

  1. A break from digital

During bath time you don’t need tablets or smartphones: let’s try to keep them aside and spend time away from digital devices.

This is a great opportunity to have a good time with your baby… bath time can be your daily digital detox session and you may even discover that some toys are incredibly fun not just for children, but for adults as well!

The new Bath Cascade is the best way to make bath time the funniest moment of the day. Playing with it, you can turn the wall of your bath into an ocean surf with the clever suction cup set. Running water makes the sea animals dance and spin. The best way to see a huge smile on your baby’s face while enjoying their bath time!

  1. Bath time makes children happy

If your child is in a bad mood, a fun bubble bath can change their day, helping him to unwind and reduce stress.  This also applies to you, right? Why do you enjoy having a bath?

A good bath with some fun toys such as Hape Bubble Blowing Whale can really make their day! Your baby will enjoy filling his spout with 3-5 drops of bubble bath or liquid soap and lower it from the surface under the water to watch for the bubbles!

  1. Bath time can be an occasion to learn new words:

During bath time there’s a lot of words and concepts your baby can learn by playing. Drop the little duck into the water and say “Look how it floats!” they’ll learn how the duck moves and what is the meaning of “floating” in one shot! Some bath toys can help. Just imagine how many new words your little one can learn by playing with this amazing Double Fun Fishing set while pushing down on the animals and seeing them jumping up! With the fishing pole they can catch fishes and little frogs and stow it in the net. A funny bath time activity that can help learn the names of these lovely creatures!

What do you love most during your baby’s bath time? Let us now your favorite bath activities in the comments below!