We just love decorating the Christmas tree! Its lights make the home so warm and we adore to enjoy such a magical atmosphere kneeling on the carpet and having some good play time surrounded by the love of our family! Well, putting up the Christmas tree is so fun for kids and they really can’t wait to make it, but wouldn’t be so much more fun if they were encouraged to think outside the box and to create the most original and non-conventional Christmas tree?

Well, it’s time to go above and beyond the traditional idea of Christmas tree and come up with the most creative solutions, made by our loved and imaginative little ones!

If you’re looking for some inspirations, take a look at these ideas and choose your favourite!

1. A tree toys!

Do your kids love dolls and puppets? You can come up with a toy-themed tree together! Ask your little ones to pick their favourite toys up and hang them on the tree using wash tapes and clips.

You can fill some transparent balls with little coloured marbles and hang them on the tree and also add some trains, music toys and dolls.

If you want to give a Peace message through your tree you can put these Caucasian, African and Asian families of dolls together to create a tree where people of different colours live in harmony!

That will be such an educative activity for kids, to learn tolerance and respect for others, don’t you think?

2. Montessorian Christmas Tree

We told you how much Montessorian Method can be useful for kids’ education in the article Montessori education: what is it about?, could you imagine that there’s a Montessorian Christmas tree?

You’re wondering how to apply Montessori Method to the Christmas tree, of course. First of all, according to this educational approach, kids need to touch and handle different kinds of objects and matters, because they learn through their senses.

Montessorian Christmas tree is a safe tree which will let your toddlers freely play by moving decorations on the felt.

You just have to cut a Christmas tree shape on a piece of felt and hang it vertically on the wall. Then let your little ones move different decorations made with wood, felt, paper and little rattles.

Remember to include different materials in decorations, encouraging all their senses to explore!

3. A paper tree with carboard boxes!

To build this Christmas tree you just need boxes of different sizes, some different kinds of wrapping paper and your creativity!

Grab your boxes and wrap them with paper and ribbons, then place one on the other, so that they can form a Christmas tree shape. You can add some lights or other decorations and the Christmas tree is done! Making it will be fun and cheerful for children! You can choose different kind of paper: super-coloured with sparkling details or natural finish? The possibilities are endless, and so are the chances to free your imagination and spend remarkable time together! This activity could also become a Christmas tradition in your family!

4. A natural tree with recycled materials

Kids love to walk into the Nature. Well, your next walk in the park can be a great opportunity to collect dry leaves and little pieces of wood…these will be their little treasures for a 100% Natural Christmas Tree!

Help kids hang the pieces of wood on the wall, placing the smallest on the top and the biggest on the bottom, so that they can form a shape of a spruce. Then you can decorate together your tree with your precious natural loot and lights in the end.

Making a natural Christmas tree can be such a pretty way to help children learn the value of environment and Nature!

So, what’s your favourite Christmas tree? Share your creations mentioning Hape Social pages and let us see them and may this time be the greatest chance to spend some quality play time with kids and live the most precious moments together!