As temperatures rise, so does the urge to seek out fun and refreshing pastimes. Then, why not take advantage of hot summer days to help our children become familiar with the water? This amazing element offers many learning and development possibilities for our little mermaids and mermen.

Water is both a game and a playground, an element capable of being exciting and relaxing at the same time. Immersion in the tub or the inflatable baby pool is an all-around experience: contact with water involves and awakens the senses. Moreover, many water activities help children regain or restore emotional balance, relieve stress, and develop healthy reaction and processing skills.

Whether your child is a water lover or needs a little encouragement to dive in, adding a dash of whimsy to the aquatic element can only help. Mainly with colourful, fun, and innovative toys like the Musical Whale Fountain or the Tubing Pull-back Boat. Reassuring diversions to entertain children 18 months and older. They are so amusing that even shampooing becomes more bearable and first approaches to water more enjoyable. The surfer bear and singing whales will become your kids’ inseparable companions in their diving and floating experiences.


Being immersed in water: an interactive and multi-sensory experience

Children are more attracted to active experiences than theory. They learn by trial and error. They are practical, material, and sensory.

Bathing is a total immersion experience, but water has so much more to offer. This liquid is essential for life directly calls into question three sensory categories.

  •  Hearing: hands clapping on the surface of the water or the murmur of bubbles, the lapping of waves on the shoreline, the ticking of rain, the splash of a waterfall, or the explosion of a cannonball-dive are all sound stimuli.
  •  Sight: the waves or circles produced by a pebble thrown into the water, how the liquid changes shape depending on the container, its transparency, or the water extravaganzas of the fountains are all data we take on with our eyes.
  •  Touch: the contact of water on the skin, the temperature, the sensation of complete immersion, or the splashes of cold water are feelings that stimulate.


Music, water jets and colors: have fun with the Musical Whale Fountain.

Speaking of sensory stimulation, check out the Musical Whale Fountain, which adds color, music, and entertainment to the bath or the water games in the inflatable pool. This play station offers two main modes of use, both easy and intuitive, and it is suitable for children from 18 months of age.

  • In the musical fountain mode,the cute coloured whales create suggestive water features spraying from their nozzles to the rhythm of the music.
  • In the piano mode,the five whales behave as musical keys: just press them and decide what to play.

Even once you have discovered the two main functioning modes, the Musical Whale Fountain still has several surprises in store. To begin with, you can learn with your child the five different melodies of the fountain, a pleasant soundtrack that will stimulate the development of a musical ear.
In addition, the water toy offers many chances for interaction: children will have the instinct to reach out towards the sprinkled water and plug the water holes. The touched whale will stop spurting water, teaching your baby a valuable lesson in the law of cause and effect.

In both musical fountain and piano mode, they promote the interaction and involvement of the little ones, stimulating their senses and entertaining them during the shampoo.


Having fun like a duck (or a bear) in the water

We, adults, are so used to it that we often take it for granted, but being in water means being immersed in a fluid other than air. Think about the feeling you get when walking in water – it is difficult, isn’t it? Why? The fluid resists the movement of your body. Now think about when you float on the surface of the water: doesn’t it seem that a giant invisible hand is supporting you? It is enough to respect its laws, to guarantee the support.

We all studied it at school: a body immersed in a fluid receives a nudge from the bottom upwards equal to the weight of the displaced liquid. But you don’t have to know the Archimedes principle to appreciate the properties of water. We may play in the bathtub or jump in puddles, admire a fountain or run through the sprinklers, blow bubbles in the straw, or dive into the pool. Whatever we do with it, water is a fun that never ceases to excite and amaze us!


Water: an exciting yet relaxing element

Water has much more to offer to our little explorers who are curious to see first-hand how the world works, what it tastes like, and how it reacts to stimuli of various kinds.

This material that calms the mind and stimulates the senses offers endless possibilities for inventing new games. Even children struggling with socio-emotional skills find water games supportive and encouraging to win their little battles. For example, playing in the inflatable pool with peers helps build emotional bonds and improve the child’s social skills.

In addition, many simple games, such as pouring water, help children develop fine motor skills. Swimming, jumping in and over puddles, and walking in water also stimulate motor skills and limb muscle development. Water lends itself perfectly to the desire of exploring the world with all the senses, combining learning and fun. What’s not to love about it?


All aboard the Hape Tubing Pull-Back Boat!

Having pals to share daily activities with makes everything more fun. That’s why the Tubing Pull-Back Boat has all the credentials to conquer your little ones at first sight. Colorful and fun, the spring boat has a simple and intuitive operating mechanism. Just pull the thread to trigger movement in the water and watch the little bear enjoy water skiing.

Do you want to add a little excitement to the game? Make the boat sail through shampoo or bubble bath and watch the bear surf in water and foam. No worries, he will return to his boat safely!

Such a simple activity makes the bath-time fun and relaxing. Our water toys help your child become familiar with water by stimulating their motor skills. Attracted by colors and movements, the child is prompted to interact with the toy, thus developing the muscle groups of the arms.

Have fun playing with the Musical Whale Fountain and the Tubing Pull-Back Boat in the water. With Hape bath toys, where there is water, there is fun!