We all know the satisfaction that comes from reconstructing an object, recognizing an image, or giving an overall meaning to what was a group of scattered fragments. It is precisely this stimulus that drives us to solve mysteries and enigmas. Have you ever thought that, in English, the same word indicates a mystery and the famous board game consisting of many pieces to be assembled: is it a coincidence? Puzzles are a challenging pastime for all ages, but they have particular benefits for preschoolers.

In the simpler versions, with large, colorful, and pleasant-feeling pieces, they stimulate children’s creativity. Additionally, they aid in the development of cognitive functions such as concentration, short-term memory, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Also, playing with puzzles does not require adult support: children immediately understand whether they are doing a good job or not. The pieces either don’t fit together or fit perfectly – as simple as that.

For this reason, working with puzzles offers so much satisfaction to our little ones. Provided, of course, they’re age-appropriate. Check out the Hape Number & Farm Animals and the Alphabet & Animal Parade puzzles. In addition to being beautiful and fun with their bright colors and cute characters, these animal-themed puzzles offer another advantage. On the back, they feature the 26 letters of the alphabet or the numbers 0 to 9. So, as they recreate the picture on the front, your children begin to acquaint themselves with these universal concepts and symbols stamped on the back..

Wooden puzzle for preschoolers: double side, double fun

Hape offers a line of puzzles that articulates into six difficulty levels, each dedicated to a specific age group. We have chosen the best shapes, designs, and sizes to attract the attention of children in the various stages of development. In particular, wooden puzzles with animals are suitable for children from 3 years of age. But ours are more than just puzzles: they offer a double challenge and a double educational advantage. There are many reasons why they distinguish themselves from similar products:

  • First of all, they are double-sided: on the front, they portray cute and bright-colored characters; on the back, they feature numbers or letters. Getting used to these symbols, children will want to know more about their meaning. Then, they will start recognizing them and then learn the alphabet and numbering.
  • The large base allows you to decide whether to place the game horizontally or stand it vertically. Furthermore, animals can be grouped or used separately in creative ways, becoming fun characters in role-playing games.
  • Finally,like many Hape toys, double-sided puzzles are made of wood – a non-toxic, resistant, pleasant material.

Welcome to the jungle with Hape Jigsaw puzzle

What are a giraffe, an elephant, a hippo, and a zebra doing with a lion, a tiger, a crocodile, and a little monkey? Simple: they are playing with your children! The Hape Alphabet & Animal Parade puzzle stimulates the imaginations of children aged three and up with its rounded shapes and bright colors. Consisting of 26 wooden pieces, the Alphabet and Animal Parade features ten wild animals on one side and the 26 letters of the alphabet on the other. This simple toy offers great developmental benefits to your child. Along with helping the decoding process of shapes, colors, and images, it also supports the knowledge of the alphabet and the ability to concentrate.

Furthermore, the little hands of kids can handle and assemble the big pieces without difficulties. Robust enough to withstand even the most dynamic games, they do not require a full mastery of precision movements. The very repetition of the assembly process, with its continuous refinement, over time allows the development of what we call fine motor skills. This process results in considerable gratification for our little ones – they will be very proud to do the puzzle on their own. So, after assembling all the pieces of the puzzle, children are free to experience many fun adventures with their new « wild » friends. They will learn all their exotic names and, after some time, they will start reciting the whole alphabet.

Puzzle with numbers and animals from the Hape farm

A horse, a cow, and a sheep meet a bunny and a rooster…and the adventure begins! Kids love the farm: with its wide open-air spaces, the many possible activities, and a handful of docile and friendly animals, how could they not? This natural environment and its characters stimulate the imagination of the little ones to invent many reassuring, lively, and fun stories. So, can we refrain from dedicating a wooden puzzle to the farm’s most loved characters? Of course not!

Horses, cattle, and sheep are the protagonists of this game suitable for children aged three and up. The large and rounded pieces of the Numbers and Farm Animals Puzzle are ten like the numbers reproduced on the back. Made up of non-toxic and ecological wood, finely crafted and finished, they will last over time. The farm animals are as dynamic, funny, and versatile as the jungle ones. You can assemble them in a line or left them separated if you want to move them freely in the space. Time to eat? They are quick to line up. But every time the horse wants to go for a ride while the sheep and the bunny go to sleep you can easily get them separated.

Along with role-playing, the puzzle has other possibilities of use. For example, we can use single shapes as silhouettes for a sketch. After tracing the outline of the animals, we can refine the drawing, add details and colors to our version of the farm animals. Finally, we can have fun learning the numbers on the back and teach the children to associate quantities and dimensions: how many numbers correspond to the little rooster? How many to the big horse? This way, the game helps children to assimilate the concepts of size and quantity in an intuitive and playful way.