Summer is coming… Have you already planned for the holidays with your kids?  

Whatever is the destination, this is a friendly reminder that spending time together during the holidays improves family happiness, despite the endless amount of packing.  

Sure, packing to travel with kids isn’t so easy, we know. It means carrying a lot of stuff which is why you should organized beforehand. What to pack? Of course, diapers, towels, wet wipes, pacifier, bottle, bottle warmermilk, clothes changes, that are the basic accessories for every kind of travel with infants or toddlersMuch of the stuff is also applicable for older children.  

But this is not enough! Every kind of travel requires some precise accessories to be packed. Don’t forget toys! This is the first useful advice for going on holidays with kids, because children want to play everywhere. So, you have to put toys in the luggage choosing among some of their favorites.  

Most depend on it as part of their planned activities since every place is possible for children to start playing!  

Now let’s see together how many things you should bring on holiday with the children! 

Holiday at the seaside 

Beach holidays are timeless. If you are a fan of the sun and sand, your children will probably pass a lot of days swimming and running on the shoreWhat are the must haves during holidays at the beach 

In the bag you have to put on sun protection of course, to prevent children from harmful UV radiation, and a lot of swimsuits for changing. But first of all, sand toys! Playing with the sand is one of those activities that help our children to develop their proprioceptive sense and motor skill 

Manipulating sand and mixing it with water for creating castles, they can learn by doing, stimulating and developing creativity. Sand usually fascinates and attracts the attention of children more or less as magic doesSo, thinking about the toys to bring with you at the beach is the right thing to do every time you prepare the bag. Don’t miss out on the shovel, bucket and pail, so you don’t miss out on any beach time. 

If you want to make children feel bigger and more independent, you can ask them to fill their own beach bag with their own fold and go beach set for play. They can pack a towel, sunglasses and all the other accessories they need to enjoy their beach playtime.  

Here’s a final reminder to not go on a seaside holiday without sand toys! 

Mountain Camping 

A different scenario is that of the mountain. Trekking is one of the favorite activities for children, because it means exploring nature with parents.  

For this type of travel, you need a super organized pack containing camping gear. Tent, sleeping bags and other equipment is difficult to forget, but take one more time while packing, to pinpoint all the things you need to bring for mountain camping with kids! For instance, you need to carry a lot of clothes in order to respect one of the first rules of the mountain: dressing in layers for facing any weather.  

With infants, we recommend you to bring a practical fanny pack to carry the baby on the shoulders (or other safe options) during excursions and walks in the mountains. You should bring then a pop-up bed for your baby to rest if there is some space left in the luggage. In addition, don’t forget to pack lots of snacks and the gear for children to improve the level of the unstructured outdoor play. Just see how much they engage exploration!  

compass can make the adventure more entertaining or a magnifying glass to check out bugs, examine rocks, identify birds and flowersIf children find a treasurethey will be able to warn you with the explorer set’s whistle 

 Good luck on your explorations! 

Big City Tour 

If your travel destination is a big city, Keep in mind the timing of your children. 

Maybe you could visit five museums in one day but your children would probably get tired and bored quite easily. Insert breaks or a visit to a public garden to recharge your children’s batteries. It is important to organize the tour according to the presence of playgrounds or museums for children, to break monotony so that even your children will enjoy exploring the city having funIf big city is your destination, put in the luggage with a ton of snacks, camera, and little toys. 

You can pack some little instruments because music could be a good distraction during the city tour breakChildren can play the Multifunctional Shape Sorter Xylophone to benefit from music relaxation while they are sitting in the principal square of the city waiting for the next leg. 

For the older children some creative pocket games are the most suitable. They can play by themselves or with you! With Gone fishin’ you can take up time catching fish! 

We know, it is not easy to organize when traveling with children, especially if they are very young. The things to bring are undoubtedly numerous, but with a little organization the number of suitcases can be contained and you will not forget the objects you really need, toys above all else!