Music is so powerful!

It has been long known that music has the power to enhance a growing child’s cognitive, social and physical skills. Additionally, it boosts our creativity and helps us to express our emotions. But it doesn’t end here, because it turns out that music can improve the relationship between parents and children.

Parents, take note!

Researches have shown that parents who have shared musical experiences with their kids have a better relationship with them later in life. Moreover, that to grow emotionally healthy, children must avoid isolating. Music helps them find valuable social moments to share.

Sharing musical interests can help parents and kids feel like they are on the same vibe. According to a study from the University of Arizona, it depends on coordination and empathy.

Coordination means doing something synchronized. If you play or listen to music with your kids, you might do synchronized activities like dancing or singing together. These last are leisure activities that make you feel much happier than usual. This shared mood might allow parents and children to move close to create a special emotional contact. So, engaging in coordinated activities is proven to cause individuals to like one another.

And if we focus on the main function of music, evoking emotion, we can easily understand why sharing a musical experience arouses empathy. It is more likely to get an empathic response if the emotion emerges at the very moment of sharing an experience with someone. So, music helps the family to be more sensitive to other members’ feelings. Understanding or feeling what another person is experiencing is the most effective way to know her and reinforce the bond.

Do you want to have a good relationship with your future adolescents? Turn the radio volume up now and share musical moments. And don’t worry if you aren’t a musician! Casual musical experiences, such as listening to music in the car, are more effective than more complex or structured musical experiences to strengthen family relationships. That is, the musical experiences shared with your kids must not be too complicated. Just listen together to the sweet melodies of a music box to help babies calm down, or turn the volume of the music you are listening to up for dancing and having a great time with them.

When should you start? As soon as possible.

So, are you looking for entertaining activities to do with your children to the rhythm of music? Read below to find out more.

Musical activities to do with children

As we have just said, sharing music experience doesn’t mean teaching children to play an instrument, but rather have a great time with them through the music.

Listen to the music together. And this doesn’t mean hearing only songs for children. Also, children may love rock n’ roll or rhythm and blues. If you listen to music together, they will like Radio Gaga of Queen or Otis Redding’s song I’ve been loving you too long.

If you are in the car with your child, turn up the radio and start singing together. Such a great funny moment!

At home, you can invent a family dance. To the rhythm of their favorite song, you can have fun making up a small choreography to perform together. This activity usually entertains the little ones who are engaged in doing synchronised movements with the adults. You can also dance to the music of your personal little DJs while they are scratching along with the black record adding special effects for creating their tunes with the DJ studio!

Sure enough, music toys are perfect for sharing some fun moments with family. Providing children with music toys can be a good way of introducing them to the world of music or sharing a beautiful experience as a family.

Children usually find in drums and tambourines instruments a lot of fun.

Take this Learn with Lights Drum. It helps kids explore music and practice their skills with the help of flashing lights. You can dance to the rhythm of your children’s percussions! Or you can play the drum too. It’s such a fun way to stay together and share amusing moments.

Moreover, percussion toys give you the chance to start a super fun role-playing session. You can create a percussion concert with tambourines, drums, and maraca.

Would you like to attend the concert of your favorite musicians? Give your children a piano, so you can have the pleasure to listen to their piano composition. The Deluxe White Grand Piano is the perfect toy to encourage your children to explore the wonder of music and create their own symphonies!

To train several skills simultaneously, you can opt for a toy that includes many instruments all in one. For instance, Mighty Mini Band is a multi-instrument table with a xylophone, drum, cymbal, scratchboard, and clapper. Are you ready to attend the best concert ever?

Do you know how to set up the best music play experience? Play like a rock band altogether. Everyone should pick an instrument. We remind you that the perfect rock band should be composed of a frontman, usually the singer, one or two guitarists, a drummer, and a keyboard player.

What about this Rock n Roll guitar to play the perfect solo?

But the instruments are never too many. You can play the harmonica to recreate Rolling Stones’ melodies!

Are you ready to go on stage together to share emotions, extraordinary sensations, and a lot of fun? Roleplay with music toys and prove it.

Any parent wants to find ways to improve their relationship with their children for the long term. Music is an intelligent way. It can be your starting point to share other experiences that will change over time as your relationship.

But remind that a good beginning is half the work!