Going back to school after a long summer break can be a bit anxious for children. Especially if it is their first year of school or if they are moving from one school to another.

The new school year unknowns can be nerve-wracking with all the new people, schoolmates, activities, and subjects. Thinking about going back to school can be so stressful! But it is still summer, and this is a great season for children to get some good habits to face this situation.

It is true: summertime schedules are different than school year ones, and there is nothing wrong with that. But early establishing a school routine is helpful.

For instance, some weeks before school starts, it is recommended that kids get up at the same time every morning to develop a new routine. In addition, it is helpful to talk and listen about their day at school. Listening to your kids and asking a question about their day can be enlightening for you to understand better their positives and frustrations.

These issues are often due to the anxiety of meeting new people or the thoughts of the overwhelming schedule or workload. In this case, you can help them to go beyond these discomforts, getting your kids used to the idea of going back to school through play. Have you ever heard about learning toys?

What are learning toys?

Learning toys are objects of play intended to meet an educational purpose as it helps a child develop particular skills. Introducing educational toys at an early stage of children’s development enhances their senses, imagination, and social skills.

During playtime, learning toys provide the first experience of those activities that kids will then carry out at school. Talking about it during the play will facilitate the ability for kids to imagine themselves in a school context.

These toys get this goal without bringing any pressure to your kids. Indeed, they are designed to make learning enjoyable for all the fun they give. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids all benefit from playing with them. Let’s see together which are the best ones!

Best Learning Toys

The development regarding writing or counting depends on the development of gross and fine motor skills, and cognitive ones, along with concentration and visualization. Providing your children with a learning toy means adding entertainment to subjects and skills they have to learn. Just choose age-appropriate toys for your kids.

Do you want to promote important learnings to your toddler? Play a multi-activity cube with them.

A toy that comes with many elements to touch and manipulate. Children never get bored and learn new things. Country Critters Play Cube is a five-sided activity center that features mazes to overtake with colorful flying, swimming, croaking creatures, and several activities to do. Facing new challenges helps toddlers and older kids focus on a task for a longer time. Concentration is one of the skills that children must train at school. But with this amazing toy, it improves just due to play and fun. Moreover, while moving to face new challenges, kids develop gross motor and problem-solving skills.

Just a blackboard at home and school become so fun! How entertaining is drawing or copying strings of letters?

What about toys to put children near math in a fun way?

Math is a subject that requires spatial cognitive skills and memory. Humans are born with innate mathematical skills, but like other likewise abilities, they need training. How? Moving through a space. It empowers the perception of things around us and the relationship between us and the objects. Experimenting with the space, children create mental images. These last are necessary for geometrical problems and mathematical pattern comprehension.

An abacus, for instance, is perfect for learning a lot of concepts by playing. Asking kids to move one or two red beads from a side to another allows them to learn color and focus on the movement of the hand. This visualization will help kids during writing acquisition and the assumption of the abacus in their mind as a virtual image. Very early in their training, kids are encouraged to use a virtual abacus to solve problems quickly.

It will be so easy and fun with Rainbow Bead Abacus. Its ten rows of ten beads in five colors can inspire little ones with endless ways to play. Thanks to the help of the colorful beads, children can become familiar with the concept of quantity too.

There is even more. With special learning toys, you can prompt your kids to deepen other mathematical concepts. The Monster Math Scale helps them get closer to basic arithmetic assimilating the essential principles in a practical, intuitive, and fun way. The balance figures a funny monster, while the weights are made up of many mini monsters of different colors. Children can have fun placing the mini-monsters on the paws of the scale, moving them, adding or removing them until they reach balance. Through this simple game, the little ones can become familiar with the ideas of weight, equivalence, balance, and addition.

Learning math has never been so fun and easy!


While playing with your kids, you should explain that they will do very similar activities at school. This way, children will get a positive and enthusiastic image of themselves in an educational environment.

Suddenly the school is no longer a source of anxiety. Parents, are you ready to play with your kids to wish them a successful school year? Now start with these toys and tell us about your experience!