All parents desire for their children to become more independent at the right time and to do age-appropriate tasks but sometimes this goal Is not so easy to reach.

Sometimes, doing a small task for our little ones can seem easier and faster than teaching them to do it by themselves, but this is a super necessary step that requires patience.

Dear mommies and daddies, let us tell you something: nobody said that being a parent was easy. Definitely it isn’t!  On the contrary, your job as a parent is the hardest in the world so the first thing you can do is to accept the evidence that you are not infallible. Try to be patient and brave, don’t stop smiling and wait… if you follow these 5 tips you’ll gradually see your little ones gain even more confidence and become responsible:

1. Create expectations


Communication is everything in parenting. Talk to your children about the tasks you expect they could do on their own, such as getting dressed or having breakfast. Remember to be specific when you ask to do something and to avoid generic expressions:  clear instructions can really help them to understand the single actions they need to do to reach their goal. The more precise you are, the better they will do! We guess this can be a little frustrating sometimes, especially when you are tired, that’s the reason why the following tip is to be kept at the back of your mind.

2. Be patient

Here is your new mantra, the most important tip! Be Patient, even when you repeat the same thing over and over. Mistakes happen and children are still learning basic skills. Don’t criticize if they drop something on the floor or somehow they make a mess.  Show them how to improve their ability  and encourage them to get better. Choose today to keep this as your new guide-mantra and you’ll be fine!

3. Give time


Children need some time to learn and probably they’ll finish their task in a longer time than you could. Don’t stress them and give them the most precious thing: your time! Start your daily activities a little early if you can and give kids the time they need to do their tasks. You’ll see them get a little faster every day and a progress in manual skills and coordination.

4 . Create a routine and schedule their activities

Children need a routine to get responsible. Try to schedule their task on specific moments, for example you can ask them to dress themselves before school or after breakfast. These kinds of “deadlines” can be a useful incentive to do things in the asked times.

5. Recognize their success


Encourage your children when they feel frustrated and give them praise when they do something on their own, especially if it’s something they do for their very first time. You are their best trainer and every success they have, is yours too! Be their biggest supporter and don’t stop encouraging them to get better.

Above all, remember that children tend to simulate adults, that’s the reason why your example is the best tool you can use to teach them how to do some things.

Role Play is a very common way for children to learn new adult skills: pretending activities or jobs, give children the chance to reflect on their knowledge about a topic and develop independence.


In other words, as your toddlers fill their Hape Bread Basket and offer you some bread, or when you see

them fixing something, they’re working hard in becoming more independent. That’s the power of play!

If you are thinking about a role play toy for your little one, take a look to the Hape website’s section! What’s your favourite?