We and our children are used to playing with tech things, often provided with screens and we could spend hours playing with them. But we all can remember how magical were the long afternoons spent building wonderful railways or furnishing dollhouses when we were children… we all used to play with such enthusiasm and creativity! They are the loveliest memories from our childhood because during those games we experienced the beauty of creating something, so it’s easy to understand why we feel such a strong emotional bond with those simple and magical toys. This is the power of classic games!

If you like classic toys too, you will love Hape toys: made in wood, bamboo or sustainable materials and with their simple design, they will remind you the best of your childhood!

They are also created to be educational, since they are designed to help children develop motorial, coordination and psychological skills. Do you want to know more? Take a look at this amazing selection of Classical Toys, they’re just the best for a Christmas gift idea!

All season house for a good role play Christmas time

Who has never dreamed of a wonderfully furnished dollhouse? We can still remember: Christmas music playing and we were sitting on the carpet creating fantastic worlds by playing with our wooden dollhouse.

The fascination of a dollhouse on toddlers has never been out of trend and continues still today!

Today we know that role-play  is a very is important for children’s growth, so playing with dollhouse brings many benefits in kids’ development.

If you think on a dollhouse as a Christmas gift for your toddlers, we suggest you the Hape All season House, whit six rooms, moveable stairs, a reversible winter/summer theme roof and also the solar panels on it.


Not only classic, but a green-friendly toy too! While they’re playing with dollhouse, children have the chance to learn something important as respecting our planet!

Rock-a-bye cradle to sing a sweet lullaby to dolls

Do you remember when you used to play with dolls?

Kneeling under the Christmas tree, we used to cradle our dolls singing lullabies… and the family having a good time around dinner table.

Well, while you pretended to be a lovely parent with your dolls you were learning empathy and social rules!


Now it’s time for your toddlers to feel the same joy! What about a Hape Rock-a-bye-cradle as Christmas gift? Your little ones will love to sing a lullaby to their family of dolls, rocking gently the cradle while evening falls. Isn’t it cute?

Cliffhanger for a Christmas afternoon having fun with family

Who doesn’t love marbles? We all used to get enchanted and amazed in front of a marble run and have so much fun building new crazy paths.

If you still love paths and marbles you gotta see this!


Cliffhanger is one of Quadrilla toys by Hape, a unique marble run system, perfect for STEAM education.

With its three gutters that make marbles race around the outside of the colored blocks on their way to the bottom, Cliffhanger is all kids need to have a lot of fun with marbles.

Just imagine how a Christmas afternoon can turn into so much fun playing with Cliffhanger all together!

Busy City Rail Set indoor, while snowing…


Children are amused by trains and railways, just like we used to.

This railway gave us such a happiness that we would like to give the same to our littles. This Busy City Rail Set is the best for railway-lovers:  a  fun double-loop city-themed railway set, which features a passenger train and a freight train, a station, automatic gates, a bridge and much more!

Our favourite Christmas movie is playing on TV and children are playing and building their best Christmas memories for the future… that’s what we call happiness!

2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set to prepare the most delicious Christmas dinner


Our Christmas memories smell like ginger cookies and good food coming from the kitchen and we’ll never forget that feeling of warmth and love at home. And we all wanted to cook too because children love to imitate adults, right?

Well, cooking is really fun for kids and with the 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set toddlers can play safe and fun!

Perfect for little chefs who want to be at the front line at Christmas dinner preparation!

Blues Harmonica to play Christmas songs


Get tickets for the best Christmas concert in family!

This wooden Blues Harmonica is perfect to play some sweet Christmas songs together. If you combine it with a lovely ukulele , a sweet tambourine and a mighty echo microphone the band is ready for the greatest success!

These Hape toys seem to come from our sweetest memories, you can relive them with Hape toys!