It is nearly time to meet your baby.

Sure, you got almost everything ready well in advance. How is it going with the nursery?

Today we are talking about this space. Do you still miss something? Let’s check together!

While expecting a baby, the checklist of things to do is really long. Parents must organise home spaces, decide the baby’s name, buy the cradle and the layette, pack the hospital bag, etc. There are a lot of things to plan and handle. You have already done many of these things, haven’t you?

Sure, you have probably already chosen your baby’s going home outfit. Well done, parents! Every little help to make life with your baby a bit easier is well accepted. You probably have already washed your baby clothes and, or obviously, already stocked up diapers.

Regarding the nursery, is it ready? If it is, how did you organize it? Generally, the first organization rule is establishing functional areas inspired by the baby’s daily life phases. So we can have:

Changing area: with a dresser as a changing table, a changing pad, and a stocked baby basket containing diapers, cleaner, and wipes.

Clothes and laundry area: organized closet and drawers, already full of your baby clothes. A laundry basket near the dresser and even shelving units inside the closet. Good job! You will need many things and tools at the same time for your baby care. The organization is never too much.

Sleeping area: sure, it includes blankets, sheets, and baby monitor all near the bed.

Playtime area: still in progress.

Are toys still missing? If it is the case, here we are to suggest how to complete your baby’s nursery.

A perfect nursery must include a little but well-finished playtime area because play is essential for baby development since their birth.

The first thing your baby will learn is to capture your input for connecting the feel of your touch, the sound of your voice, and the sight of your face. The play has the power to expand the potential of these connections. Even at a young age, play is the primary way for infants to move, communicate, socialize and understand their surroundings. Toys help your little ones explore, igniting their senses and helping them interact with their perceptions.

A nursery cannot fail to include a few but essential infant toys. Here we make a list of the toys that should not be missing in your baby’s nursery! Let’s see them together!

Rattle & Teether Collection

It is a collection of sensory toys that will push your baby to interact with the surroundings and manage their first exploratory steps. Designed to be held by little hands, this colourful and sweet collection will help your baby develop their gross motor skill, encouraging movements.

Baby will have a great time shaking the rattle, joining the sound it makes or leading the teething ring to the mouth. This last will be particularly useful to relieve gum discomfort typical of the teething period. Moreover, it is also a sustainable collection of toys. Made from a safe, rice-based material, it is the best choice for your baby and the planet. It is amazing!

Portable Baby Gym

For keeping your baby entertained, this soft mat is what you need. It features a hanging apple, a bee with fluttering wings, and a flower that will delight little hands and eyes. Once these flying elements capture your baby’s little eyes, they will tend to grasp them. Touching them, babies try out their soft texture and train the sense of touch. Moreover, you can bring it everywhere, and it doubles as a stylish tote bag!

Rotating Music Box

Ideal for newborns and up, this soothing and gentle toy will encourage young children to explore and experience music. Music is important for baby development. A fact that proves it is that parents instinctively sing lullabies to calm babies and use music to express positive feelings to make them feel loved and amused. A sweet music box is fundamental to calm your baby down and set a sleeping routine up.

Grow-with-me Rocking Horse

Last but not least, the timeless infant toy: the wooden horse. This perfectly balanced ride-on can take kids for a slow-and-steady trot or a rocking gallop for hours of fun. Impossible to resist this sweet friend! But consider it is more suitable for babies who have already turned a few months. Moreover, it is a good choice because it will grow as your children, standing up to years of fun!

It is definitively the touch of class of every nursery.

What do you think about these toys? They are just a few but suitable for stimulating your baby‘s senses.

As we mentioned in the article “Montessori education: what is it,” giving babies few but essential toys is more advisable to keep their curiosity fresh and encourage exploration and creativity.

Are you ready to complete your baby’s nursery? Let us know how you will proceed with the organization. We will read you in the comments.