Drawings and colors are an extraordinary form of expression for children: they shape their worldview, learning how to manifest emotions and desires through creativity. By drawing, children learn to tell stories and invent colorful worlds in which to experience many adventures. However, we cannot always practice with pencils, crayons, markers, and colored paints. Hence, the creatives of HAPE® had the idea of combining shapes and colors with another kind of object that fascinates children a lot: magnets!


They attach, detach, move and recombine endlessly, offering many stimuli to train the imagination. Furthermore, they do not leave stains on furniture or walls, neither on hands nor on clothes, never wear out, are environmentally friendly, safe, and clean. What more can we ask of a game? Well, the possibility of always carrying it with us, transforming travel and waiting times into as many leisure opportunities.

Such considerations prompt us to conceive Hape® Magnetic Art Box: a compact set containing over 90 colored shapes to entertain children in the restaurant, on the train, or in the waiting room of the doctor. A gym for creativity and also an opportunity to socialize with other children.

HAPE® Magnetic Games: creativity always at hand 

How many things can we do with many colored magnetic shapes to combine and re-combine as much as we like? Kids love to repeat simple movements that give im-mediate results. And the magnets, with their innate ability to attach and detach easily without ever wearing out, perfectly satisfy this need for play, experimentation, and dis-covery! Besides, they don’t soil, so mothers are happier too!


The Magnetic Art Box by Hape® is an educational toy suitable for ages three and up that helps children develop creativity and the ability to reproduce shapes and de-signs. Like most Hape® creations, the Magnetic Art Box also offers different levels of play and complexity. In the early stages, children can follow the lead of the attached cards, trying to reproduce the compositions indicated. But once they become familiar with the phenomenon of magnetism, imagination will take over: green light for original combinations and innovative uses!

Magnetic Art Box HAPE®: endless fun to carry around all the time

Hape Magnetic Art Box offers enjoyable and virtually endless entertainment. Think of different situations such as long car journeys, waitings at the airport or the doctor’s office. Or again, imagine being at the restaurant with the whole family: the adults would like to relax and chat with the other diners, but the little ones have finished their meal and demand attention. In these cases, being unprepared almost always means leaving the field open to tantrums or other calls for consideration. So we give in and end up handing them the tablet or smartphone to have at least ten minutes in peace.


Of course, to a limited extent and as an exception to the rule, electronic games and videos are not necessarily a harmful pastime. However, we know that the way we overcome frustrations and deceive boredom during childhood will set our habitual reaction strategies in adulthood. So why not take advantage of the downtime to dabble in creative and formative analogical pastimes?

Magnetic games to attract the attention of children…

Thanks to its compact size, the Magnetic Art Box can become the trump card of parents in many situations. Besides, thanks to its versatility, this game is very appealing to young and less young.

First of all, magnetic games can be played individually or involve friends. Secondly, the double-sided magnetic lid allows you to choose between a narrative approach and a way of playing based on colors and geometries. Need ideas? Challenge chil-dren to create characters using only red, blue, or green pieces, or invite them to use only linear or rounded shapes. Ask them to make a design by alternating one piece for each color. Propose timed challenges using the attached cards: the winner is the one who can reproduce the drawings faster. Or again: one of the players indicates an object or animal, and the other/s must redo it using magnetic pieces…


Of course, these are just a few possible suggestions among endless possibilities. Your imagination will suggest you many satisfying, creative, and stimulating uses of the Mag-netic Art Box.

Magnetic Art Box HAPE®: a compact, clean, and versatile creative game

The first discovery of the phenomenon of magnetism for a child is as exciting as wit-nessing magic. Even more so if the magnets are colored shapes that make up many fun designs.

In summary, the set includes:

1.      A sturdy wooden box with a rope handle and double-sided lid/blackboard: a natural landscape on one side, a black background on the other.

2.      A bag containing over 90 geometric shapes and cute little eyes to create characters and more configurations.

3.      12 double-face printed cards, for a total of 24 compositions divided by increasing complexity, as indicated by the stars (from one to three).

The HAPE® Magnetic Art Box encourages artistic development in children, stimulates their imagination and creativity, and offers many hours of clean and healthy entertain-ment. Many games in one, which can change according to the situation and evolve with age and experience.

Let us know how your children use the slate and magnetic pieces, and share with us the most successful drawings!