A play set for pet lovers and budding veterinarians

Children always make special friends with their pets. The little ones of the house are crazy about pets, which reciprocate with enthusiasm bringing many psycho-physical benefits and contributing to their balance in the years of growth. Researchers agree that four-legged friends teach children to care for others, stimulating empathy and responsibility.

Children love to take care of the puppy or kitten in the house so much so that they often spontaneously have the idea of ​​playing at the vet. However, Felix and Spotty don’t always appreciate this kind of attention, and it’s not unusual to have to retrieve them from the top branch of some tree or from under the bed, in a desperate attempt to escape unwanted attentions…

Better to play vet with stuffed animals or with the fun set designed by Hape, then! Amusing, colorful, and full of details to discover, Hape Furry Friend Vet Set is the ideal fantasy setting to learn how to take care of animals. The compact two-story clinic opens to create an additional outdoor environment. At the end of the game, just put the items back in the closed position and grab the toy-clinic/doll house by the roof/handle to store everything comfortably.

Let’s find out all the features of this toy dedicated to animal lovers.

Spotty and Felix teach: lessons in responsibility and care

As parents, we want to encourage empathy, care, and a sense of protection towards weaker, smaller, or needy creatures. Fostering healthy attention to others since preschool is a great way to sow the seeds of a kind, generous and supportive personality in our children.

The ability to take care of others does not suddenly appear in adults. It comes from examples, the education received from an early age, and the many lessons learned from adults, siblings, and peers. The same happens with responsibility, the acquisition of which is a gradual process. It should start with simple tasks that gradually become more important and complex. In dealing with pets, our children can learn both of these crucial lessons.

Living with four-legged friends (for real or for fun)

Taking care of your pet dog, cat or rabbit involves learning responsibility and carrying out a cure. Our pets have daily needs that we cannot overlook. Dogs and cats have to drink, eat and do their business every day. We cannot leave out these tasks, even if we are tired, do not feel like it, or have other chores.

So, if we live with pets, we can start involving our children in their care by giving them some small responsibilities. Especially in the early days and for children up to five years old, the tasks don’t have to be too complex or vital. Filling the water bowl or brushing Felix and Spotty’s fur are tasks within their reach: this way, we make them feel important and involved without any danger.

 Let’s play vet with Hape!

Another effective way to learn the same lessons is through pretend play. With Hape Furry Friend Vet Set, children discover both grooming and veterinary activities. Sometimes, in fact, Felix and Spotty just need a good bath and a brushing. Other times, however, our furry friends have a tummy ache or do not feel well, just like kids. Therefore, we must take them to the veterinary clinic for a visit and, if necessary, give them medicines until they recover.

The work of this doctor, who looks after the health of our pets, saves injured animals, and gives birth to puppies, fascinates children to a great deal. Many of them do dream of doing this job when they grow up. In the Furry Friends Vet Set, children become familiar with many activities of the veterinarian and groomer in a safe and fun way. All the details combine to offer a realistic experience with a playful and imaginative perspective.

Thus, playing with this stimulating and colorful set, the little ones discover the x-rays, the stethoscope, and many other tools used by their hero in the white coat. Besides, the practical compact structure offers almost infinite expansion possibilities. In fact, the Veterinary Set is compatible with all the other games in the Doll House line for endless fun and exploration!

Hape Furry Friends Vet Set: features and accessories

If your child likes to take care of animals, making sure they are always beautiful, clean, and healthy, this toy will make him happy. Featuring vibrant gender-neutral colors, theFurry Friend Vet Set includes:

  • a veterinary doll with movable limbs;
  • a little dog that can stand or sit;
  • a cute striped kitten;
  • pet beds and toys, food, and water bowls;
  • veterinary equipment with three x-ray cards;
  • animal grooming equipment and accessories;
  • many stickers to customize and complete the environments.

On the lower floor of the clinic, we find the actual veterinary surgery: the X-ray machine, the scale, the instruments for the examination, the cabinets with medicines and biscuits to reward the animals at the end of the check-up constitute a detailed and super realistic setting. Upstairs, a cozy bedroom offers the vet the chance to spend the night next to his furry patients. Furthermore, the wall and the floor open outwards, creating a fenced garden and a grooming area. There, your kid can play with the animals and wash them in comfort without splashes on the floor. The open roof of the house also serves as a convenient handle to take your set anywhere with you.

Colorful, richly equipped, and super realistic, Hape Furry Friends Vet Set will conquer all generous and sensitive children who love animals and want to take care of them. An original interpretation of the classic dollhouse that adds something extra to your little one’s play experience. Find out all the details on the website and tell us what you think about it in the comments section.