Christmas is coming and we are so excited to share this wonderful time with our families! This has been a hard year for most of us and all we want is to spend a good time together, enjoying family’s warmth and the Hope of Christmas.

When we think of Christmas the best memories of our childhood come back to the surface and we can clearly remember how everything was a beautiful enchantment and the magic was all around us.

Do you remember that time? Through play, we all could turn an ordinary day in a family into something extraordinary, full of wonders and happiness.

Well, we want to recreate that warmth and beauty with some happy activities you can do with children during your Christmas Holidays together.

Are you looking for inspirations? Here you’ll find some!

The table is set with the tastiest dishes and candles are lit but something is still missing for Christmas dinner: a centrepiece to enrich and make your Christmas table original and unforgettable.

What about creating it with your toddler? It will be a great Christmas time to spend together, right?

You can realize a lighting centrepiece painting a funny Santa Claus on a transparent jar and putting some battery lights inside of it… it’s easy and fun to make!

If you want to turn this creation into a sweet memory for the future, you can add some extra love to your creation: just let your children make their colored prints on them with their little hands!

Warmly enlightened, the centrepiece is ready, but something else is missing to make the table complete…what about some Christmas cookies? You can bake them with your little ones!

Choose your favourite Christmas shapes, such as a trees or the gingerbread man, or even Santa Claus and candy cane. Prepare the right quantities by putting ingredients inside different bowls and then let your little ones mix butter, sugar, eggs, salt and cinnamon… you’ll see how much they’ll enjoy touching ingredients with their little hands!

With Cooking and baking, kids become more confident with the touch and experience how materials change and turn into something new under their hands: simple ingredients can turn in tasty cookies or, for most experienced, in a beautiful gingerbread house! For such a complex task children need a little training, actually, that’s why they’ll love to play with Kitchen & Food toys!

Role play like this is not only super fun, but it also helps children become more independent and have many benefits for their growth. If you want to experiment how important is role play in children’s development provide your littles with safe and fun role play toys.

Need some inspiration?

A soft and realistic bread basket to bring toast and baguettes on the table or an amazing mix&bake blender, so they can prepare the tastiest Christmas cake to give Santa the warmest welcome!   Which one do you prefer?

Now the table is set with a creative lighting centerpiece, children are satisfied of cookies and the other uncountable imaginative dishes they prepared with Hape Role-Play toys . It will be fantastic to sit around this well-decorated Christmas table watching the snow falling outside. And what if you can’t see any snow flake outside the window? No problem, you can make snow at home!

Making a fake snow is easy, you just need some baking soda and some shaving cream, better if unscented and organic.

Let kids pour 1lb of baking soda and then spray some shaving cream. They just need to mix a little and the snow will form immediately!

A Christmas treasure hunt

Kids love surprises and are so excited when can explore the space around! Well, a Christmas treasure hunt can be a great idea for Christmas!

Hide your gifts on different places at home and let some clues to help kids find them.

If you think that you need expensive gifts to make the game fun, you should know that kids love to be surprised and amused and they feel so when they can find out  something new and when they play with mommy and daddy!

So, don’t worry about the gifts, you can hide some candies or some family pics, or even some simple games or dolls.

Put some happy Christmas music on and this will really be the most epic treasure hunt ever!

Speaking of music… what about a Christmas concert at home?

Put some music toys under the tree and let your little ones play their best Christmas Music together!

We can’t assure your neighbours will be as excited as you attending this special Christmas concert but we’re sure kids will have a lot of fun!

Our children deserve wonderful holidays so let this Christmas come with joy and fullness of love, providing children with all the best to make it unforgettable!

If you’re looking for the best educative toys, take a look the the wide choice of Hape, the perfect toys for a special Christmas gift!