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29 Sep 2023

Category: Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips


Create a healthy relationship with food through play activities Everything that is part of the daily routine takes on great importance in the life of children. Thus food, which returns in various forms from breakfast to dinner, soon becomes a revealing element of our psycho-physical…

Parenting Tips

Play allows parents to establish a solid relationship with their children 

Positive relationships with parents help children learn more about the world and grow, that is why it is so important for parent-child relationship to be strong and loving.    How do you establish a solid relationship with your children? All you must do is be in the moment with your children, listening to what is going on with them and showing acceptance.   As…

Parenting Tips

The best toys to promote tactile development 

“If it wasn’t in hands and body, it can’t be in the brain.” – Bev Bos said.  Children are scientists, investigators and explorers by nature. Sure enough, all the materials they find in their environment have the potential to lure them. How many times, as a child, have you observed an anthill or…

Parenting Tips

Train and Railway Playtime 

Choo-Choo! All board the Hape train! Children have played happily with wooden trains for generations. It is like a rite of passage that every child must pass through. Trains belong in the timeless toys category, have you ever wondered why? Fun! All you must do…